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Compare traditional development costs and times with our low code LEAP Platform

With this calculator you can explore:

• The reduced time needed to design, build and deploy your process solution
• How your budget can be optimised by comparing estimated costs
• The elements of the platform that you may need to incorporate
• Your user structure – from occasional to full.*

You will receive a complimentary process mapping report plus detailed costs once you have completed the questions.

*Our costs a based upon how your team uses the platform once you have adopted it into your organisation.

How many different data fields do you need to store?

0 - 10

0 to 10

11 - 100

11 to 100

101 +

More than 101

Does your application need to create documents from your data?

Document with red cross


Three documents

Yes - a few

Seven documents

Yes - many

Does your application need to send tasks to users and teams to carry out work?

Task group with red cross


Task group

Yes - a few

Task group multiple

Yes - many

If your application needs to manage a process, how many stages are there?


No process, just data

2 - 5

2 - 5

6 +


Does your application need to generate reports?

Report with red cross


Three reports

Yes - a few

Six reports

Yes - many

How do you need to access your application?

Desktop computer




Desktop computer and laptop


Do you need to access the application via mobile devices?

Mobile device with red cross


Tablet device with web icons

Yes - via the web

Mobile device with app icons

Yes - native apps

Tablet and mobile device


Does your application need to integrate with any other systems?

Integrate with red cross




Does your application need to send SMS and email?

SMS and email icons with red cross


SMS icon


Email icon


SMS and email icon


How many users will require access to your application?

0 - 10

0 - 10

11 - 100

11 - 100

101 - 1000

101 - 1000

1001 +


What type of users do you have?

The LEAP pricing model is flexible and based on how much your users actually interact with your system. Let us know how many of your users fall into each category to work out your estimated costs.


Uses the system most working days for at least a few hours


Uses the system two or three times a week


Uses the system about once a week


Uses the system once or twice a month (e.g. customer or supplier)

Please only enter digits in the user count boxes.

£ 0
£ 0

Less than 10 users? There is a minimum monthly businesses user allowance of 10. If you think this applies to you please get in touch so we can better understand your requirements.

Your Results

Many thanks. Below are your estimated savings.

Key Savings LEAP Software Traditional development
Time to deliver Delivery time (work days)
Up front cost Upfront cost £0*
Annual cost Annual cost

* Minimum usage applies

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