Build powerful solutions for your organisational processes with LEAP the low-code platform.

Optimise and automate your processes without writing a line of code by harnessing the power of low-code. You can utilise the array of functional building blocks within LEAP to create custom and flexible applications that will enable you to automate your processes.

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The Low-code Revolution | LEAP Business Process Management Platform 2018

Digitise your processes

Utilise the LEAP low-code platform to improve your processes. LEAP will help you to enhance the effectiveness of your process by reducing cycle time and speeding up communication, increase efficiency by automating process steps or introducing tools to make each step more effective and improve your customer’s experience by implementing self-service and automated process updates. Plus, LEAP gives you access to unrivalled process transparency via dashboards and reports that enable you to analyse your processes and make improvements. All this is underpinned by the ability to implement in built compliance controls and checks where required.

Benefits of LEAP, the low-code platform

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By joining together functional building blocks your solution is built in weeks, not months. Leaving you with a high-quality solution, at a lower risk and cost.

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An impressive array of functions and features can deliver the outcomes you need, proving you with a solution that is right for your organisation.

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Pay for usage not users. Activity based, rather than user-based licencing means you only pay for what you use. Plus set up costs are kept to a minimum.

User security


Differing permission levels and enterprise level security measures mean you can be confident your data is protected.

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Just like building blocks, the functional elements can be used to build applications for a wide range of uses.

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Industry standard MS SQL server and MSIIS support for thousands of users, hosted in the cloud using Microsoft Azure or locally on your own servers.

Create Your Own Process Solution

Use LEAP to quickly and easily implement a process management system for any organisational process. Using the pre-built and tested functional building blocks combined with the FLOvate framework, you can quickly design, build and implement cutting edge digital solutions that will optimise and improve your organisational processes.

Discover Your Solution

Many of the solutions that FLOvate have built using LEAP conform to industry standards and follow similar design patterns. Your organisation can take advantage of pre-configured solutions that will act as a starting point for your system, with 50-70% of the configuration already in place. Meaning you can benefit from FLOvate’s research and experience while also being able to tailor your solution to meet your organisations distinct needs.

Affordable and Flexible

Pay for usage, not users. The maximum you will pay is our standard per user per month fee; however, if your users don’t login you won’t be charged. If some people in your user base infrequently use the system you will pay a fraction of the standard fee.