5 FREE apps that will save you time and energy at work

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Looking to simplify your working day?

Having a combined working lifetime of what I can imagine is many years here at FLOvate, the feeling is that when it comes to work we just want things to be a little bit simpler. It’s what we do after all.

So we have complied out top 5 FREE best apps to save you time and effort in your working day. You are totally welcome.


Icebreakers there is no I in team!

Charged with team building? Frightened of uncomfortable silences ahead of a meeting? This little app will think of something for you. Keeping the team happy means you stand a better chance of getting your initiatives off the ground smoothly.

Appyparking get to where you need to be easily

Parking is generally a pain especially if you are in a busy unfamiliar town centre. This is infinitely more stressful if you need to be at a meeting.  This app will make it easier to get settled so you can crack on with whatever it is you do.

Wunderlist to dos and reminders

Lists are fun and will keep you on track, but wunderlist takes it to the next level. This way you can ‘plan for anything’ – which is easier said than done. Anyone responsible for so many moving parts needs a little digital assistance now and again.

DragonDictation turn your ideas into words

If you are totally comfortable with the idea of talking to yourself openly and have a lot going on up there then YOU NEED THIS. Simply speak and the words will be translated, you can then email it to yourself. So simple, no fussy questions. Just talk and send. Done.

TeamViewer home from home

As we all move towards ‘flexi’ working, it needs to be easier to log into your work PC / laptop etc. This great little app is trusted by LOTs of people and will sort that for you so there is never a reason not to be able to access or share that really important presentation (sorry).


So, we hope you liked that. Let us know how you get on. And if you want to apply some simplicity to your internal business processes, we are the ones to talk to. We can get a  FREE working demo to you in days (you just need to tell us what the problem is first…)

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None of this is sponsored content, totally off our own backs. All of the apps discussed are available to download on the App Store