76% of companies at start of digital journey, says #OpexWeek poll

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Look at the Amazons and John Lewis’s of this world and you’d be forgiven for thinking that when it comes to “embracing digital,” most enterprises have got their strategy sorted. But as our attendance at OPEX & Process Transformation Week proved, the majority still have a little way to go…

OPEX & Process Transformation Week brings together some of the most forward-thinking and ambitious digital process improvement minds in the business.

So it comes as a surprise to discover that the majority of organisations polled during the event were at the early stages of digitisation, with 76% describing their digitisation/robotic automotive state as ‘immature.’

Why is this? Surely those companies with the best talent resources and largest budgets should be well ahead of the curve?

Well – in our experience, business transformation heads have no problem visualising what needs to change. They know exactly how these changes should work. They have their process improvements mapped; their ROI cases built.

But when it comes to execution – there’s the challenge.

In order to get their process improvement initiatives off the ground, Business Transformation teams need tools that are quick to implement and easy to use. They need ‘designed for business’ functions that make turning ideas into apps as easy as creating a rule in Outlook – or formula in Excel.

Having achieved buy in, they then need a way to extend, evolve and roll out these initiatives to the rest of the business.

Using traditional software development approaches, these projects take longer than they should to get off the ground. Why?

Because whether you’ve chosen an off-the-shelf package or you’re building it yourself: the bottom line is the same. The solution is written using programmer’s code. It’s “fixed.”

That’s where LEAP is different. You’ve heard of low-code development: we are ZERO CODE. Using our component based approach, we can deliver any process improvement project in weeks – and a PoC in days. And once you’ve felt the benefits for yourself, you can quickly extend these solutions to harness digitisation for any project you choose.

Automation and digitisation technology is here – it’s how you use it that counts. Book a demo of zero code LEAP today – and discover innovation without compromise!