We want to enable innovation by empowering individuals to lead change in their business confidently.

We believe that technology should propel a business forward, not throw up barriers. Processes sit at the heart of business, and we are confident we help make the most of yours.
We know adopting new technology or revitalising legacy processes can be time consuming and requires a confident approach, that is why we built LEAP.

Following years of expert development, our LEAP software is fully customisable which means we can provide and deliver any bespoke process solution quickly and efficiently.

Our core commitments:

Weeks, not months (or years): We really can have a bespoke demonstration to you in just days as proof of concept. We would plan to have your solution in place rapidly following close consultation with you and your team.

Affordable, and scaleable: We have a unique ‘pay as you go’ licence model that means you are only charged for what you use instead of paying a flat fee for every user.

In it for the long haul: Our systems will transform your efficiency, and we want to make sure that it lasts which is why we remain in contact following a live date. We also know that things change, so we hand the system to you once it’s bedded in so you can remain agile on the ground and support the needs of the business.

An extension of your team: We don’t just pick up a spec, we build it with you. One of our expert Business Analysts will be there from discovery to understand your process from top to bottom, ensuring a smooth build and roll out. We also have an excellent training plan available for your team.

Want to see how your process can be automated and optimised?

Send us some details about your process and we’ll build it in the LEAP platform for you to explore. Simply get in touch to book your free demo.

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