Why you should adopt a Low-code process transformation platform into your organisation

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Stop wasting time on admin

Why you should adopt a Low-code process transformation platform into your organisation

According to recent research1, UK employees spend 6.8 hours a WEEK on admin. This is draining to our growth and productivity.

With this in mind, it’s no surprise that the term Low-code is picking up speed as organisations are quickly recognising how rapid app development can add value to a process. More efficient, transparent procedures will lead to multiple beneficial outcomes for a business including more productive staff, greater ROI, and happier and well cared for customers.

Adobe undertook research earlier this year that highlighted ‘Employees branded some admin as unnecessarily ‘complex,’ such as searching for lost documents (with 65% of respondents agreeing), and on-boarding new colleagues (62%)’1. A Low-code platform can very quickly plug and bridge the gaps that make such tasks time consuming and over complicated, meaning focus can be directed towards less menial activities.

It’s a problem that sits at the core of our business structures

Typically, a business will identify a need and the IT team will be tasked with sourcing an appropriate solution. However, the IT department is coming under increasing pressure to deliver even the basics faster and with greater visibility. How can we expect these teams to identify, learn, create, roll out and then maintain game changing initiatives that may require specific tech when 70% of their working day is focused on maintaining critical infrastructure?

Free your IT team!

To free up this workforce and reduce the bottleneck, it’s possible to pick up the majority of broken, fragmented and slow processes that our admin stems from and bring them together centrally… optimised and future ready. Low-code platforms allow businesses to quickly configure their own process and system solutions without the need to time consuming programming. Not only does this mean freedom from 3rd party support and resourcing but more importantly a business retains full control of its agility – Low-code is not a final solution – but a platform that allows you to create any solution. The possibilities are endless and so are the number of times you can make modifications to ensure the solution you have in place in right. As consumer habits evolve and change, we need BPM tools that can keep up and remain flexible.

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As our processes are often so critical to growth and business evolution, it’s no longer practical to fix process problems with a single resolution.

So, the IT teams remain at the heart of the solution – but are no longer tied to the time consuming programming required for extensive and complex projects.

Looking ahead

So many of the tools we already use in the workplace are pre-configured, soon it will be considered impractical to hard code BPM systems from scratch. This is why Low-code BPM is picking up speed. What used to take months is now possible in weeks, and you won’t need to compromise on a processes design in order to deliver as required.

Administration tasks should enable us to better support our business and customers. They need to be agile and responsive so that in turn we can be the same. Low-code can free a business to build powerful applications, confident in the knowledge that should they ever need adjusting, they can, straight away.

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  1. Source: Document Drain: How Back-Office Processes are Shredding Productivity.

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