How Much Does Bespoke BPM Software Cost to Develop?

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How Much Does Bespoke BPM Software Cost to Develop? 

Thinking of building a BPM system from scratch? Try our online calculator first.

To Build Or To Buy – it’s the age old question. Check out our handy calculator How Much Does Bespoke BPM Software Cost? to understand the development costs of building a from-scratch workflow system.

Bespoke or off-the-shelf?

For the first time buyer of business process management (BPM) software, the dilemma to build or buy is a big one. Should you buy something well-recognised in your industry, but that would require extensive customisation? Or should you use your internal knowledge to create something that will fit the bill?

In this scenario, the bespoke route is appealing. But the costs are not always evident.

“Businesses often believe that building their solution is the best – or only – option,” says FLOvate’s Sean Brownell.  “They know that they have a significant number of processes that don’t fit the industry standard, so they commission their IT department or external software company to do it for them. However, while these solutions may work just fine to start with, they struggle to extend, evolve and support their solutions. As a result, unforeseen costs can quickly rack up.”

So, how much DOES bespoke BPM cost to develop?

With this in mind, FLOvate has developed an online tool to give first-time BPM buyers insight into the kind of costs they can expect when creating and supporting a bespoke BPM solution.

The tool, How Much Will My Software Cost? offers some basic figures topped off with a visual graphical breakdown.


Bespoke BPM software app in action

LEAP: An alternative to bespoke development

LEAP workflow software offers a viable alternative to bespoke development. LEAP workflow software can be delivered 10 times faster than using bespoke development methods, giving you fast results quickly and cost-effectively.

Our platform is built on industry standards for reliability yet provides all the flexibility of a bespoke software solution.

To find out more about LEAP,  contact us now to discuss your needs or check out LEAP’s product features.