Bordeaux Cellars select the LEAP Low-code platform for their process improvement strategy

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Bordeaux Cellars have selected the LEAP platform to provide an effective end-to-end journey for their Lenders and Borrowers via intelligent workflow management and powerful automation.

The LEAP Solutions Team are delighted to announce a new partnership with Bordeaux Cellars, the global experts in fine wine trading, investment and loans. After a successful 10 years of rapid growth, the company now have offices in London, Hong Kong and New York along with gathering press attention from the likes of Forbes, The Financial Times and Bloomberg.

The LEAP Solutions Team were tasked with the delivery of a new investment management system which required a high level of skilled process mapping before a final solution could be deployed.  Once identified, the LEAP Solutions team configured a complex bespoke workflow application that included full digital document storage and event triggers to support customer communications.

The need for improved business outcomes and customer service was identified to facilitate the company’s rapid growth while ensuring the costs associated were reduced. This would be tackled with a trial configuration initiative that could to be tested before deployment

 In response, the LEAP Solutions Team were confident in their ability to deliver a solution without compromise.

What LEAP will deliver for Bordeaux Cellars:

Improved Business Outcomes

By integrating with the Bordeaux Cellars website all enquires will trigger workflow within The LEAP platform. System users can assign tasks to workflow queues, send staff reminders when workflow exceeds expected response times, and manage all critical documentation under one roof in a digital library. Alongside this, the system will include DocuSign technology for immediate approval via an electronic signature.

Improved Customer Service

The LEAP platform will provide a clear workflow for accepting and processing new Lenders and Borrowers – Cutting out the tedious on-boarding delays. Once in the system workflow tasks will communicate with clients reminding them of documents needing to be sent, reviewed or completed. If in doubt a client can check their online portal where current documents and enquires will be available ensuring a transparent end-to-end experience.

 Reduced Costs

Through the power of automation, all repeatable admin-based tasks will be completed via event triggers within LEAP’s workflow so staff time isn’t wasted completing tedious documentation.

“FLOvate are extremely pleased to announce that we’ve team up with a market leading fine wine trading and investment organisation. The company had reviewed their current Lender and Borrower on-boarding process and have identified that it would be beneficial to look at a workflow management system. LEAP was their product of choice because of its fast and vast ability to optimise their processes in a secure way, but also within their price range. Now they are very excited to begin using LEAP for years to come and utilise it in others areas of their business.”

Joshua Knightley | Senior Solutions Manager

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