LEAP low code Workflow for Customer Support

Be more responsive with LEAP workflow software.

Today’s customer service agents are under more pressure than ever to deliver quality information. LEAP workflow software makes this an easy task by providing a single source of real-time information supported by e-filing and dashboard reports.

LEAP software can be used in all areas of customer service, including:

Ticket Management – Capture customer support requests electronically and categorise by job type, Automatically send notifications via mobile to keep customers up to date, View open, overdue and closed cases via stunning graphical dashboard reports, Manage your time and resources effectively.

Customer Records – Enjoy the benefits of an electronic filing system, keep detailed, in-depth customer information in one place, View your contract and communication history easily, manage call logs effectively, drive improvement via performance reporting.

KPI Management via visual dashboards – Get real-time insight into your support response times, outstanding issues, resolved issues, resource allocation and any other KPIs that you require. Identify where potential operational issues lie and make improvements. With LEAP workflow software, you can get to the root cause and tackle it fast.

See LEAP low code in action, watch our video guide to Manual Process Automation

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