Process Management Explained

“Business process management is a discipline involving any combination of modelling, automation, execution, control, measurement and optimisation of business activity flows”

Once a term owned by the Operations division, BPM or BPMS is now a much more widely adopted way of describing internal processes and procedures and how they talk to one another. Every business will have a multitude of separate processes across a number of teams and divisions, all with separate administrative access and measures for accountability. The need for a BPM strategy is often the result of a business out-maturing a process or that greater complexity and agility is needed to support growth.

By adopting a strong BPM strategy you can:

  • Improve corporate performance via process visibility
  • Streamline workforce to support areas critical to operational strength
  • Create an agile environment for change and innovation
  • Speed up response times and improve customer service
  • Simplify reporting and measurement
  • Build true accountability and agile analytics into the core of your business.


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