What is Low-code?

Low-code is the natural evolution of software development for business.

Forrester Research defines Low-code as “Application development platforms that enable rapid application delivery with minimal hand coding, and quick set up and deployment”.

Why Low-code?

Where developers may have previously spent a significant period of time writing many lines of code to create a bespoke programme, true low code software will have the elements already configured, they just need to be blocked together in order to deliver a specific solution. With LEAP BPM Low-code software, you can fully configure your solution which means there is no need to compromise and the capacity for improvement and growth is endless. There is no limit to where it can be used in your business, or how.

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The evolution of Low-code technology

Low-code has traditionally been referred to as RAD (Rapid Application Development) and 4GL (Fourth Generation Language) but as Low-code becomes more widely recognised our terminology is changing. Other terms used to describe Low-code are:

  • No code
  • Zero code
  • Full configuration

There are many variations of ‘Low-code’ software on the market with a range of capabilities. LEAP Low-code software is 100% Low-code which means not even a single line of code needs to be written, all the elements you need are available.

What are the benefits of Low-code?

Low-code software such as LEAP is being introduced into businesses so they can build and deploy critical process management systems quickly and with improved outcomes (such as better reporting, or best practice data handling). Equally, it’s important in order to remain competitive so that organisations can be agile, and responsive to their markets and needs of their customers – Low-code LEAP software was designed with this capability at it’s core.

With Low-code LEAP software, if things change you simply build in a new automated instruction into the process, without a long development lead time. This can be managed by staff that have a lower skill level meaning you can transfer the weight of BAU within your IT team more evenly and improve your workforce’s productivity.

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LEAP Low-code software can transform your internal process and deliver solutions up to 10x faster than traditional development. Find out how much your solution will cost here. LEAP is produced by FLOvate Solutions.