Why put on the brakes just because it’s Christmas?

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Thanks to Christmas, many of us are able to enjoy a well-earned period of calm in the office. Things are slowing down, budgets are in, and colleagues are off on their (very long) Christmas breaks. Unless you work for Santa.

Pretty soon we’ll be back and at our best, driving out all the fanatic initiatives we promised would deliver in 2017.

So, once Jan 3rd hits, are those initiatives ready to roll out? Can you be confident that the solutions to problems you worked through several months back are still even relevant? Tempting though it is to deal with these questions when you get back, now is a great time to utilise those less frantic hours to question how you’ll be progressing next year and even what projects are still worth doing.

Perhaps the processes you have in place are not quite right, less busy offices means you can spend a bit of time understanding what the problems are without causing disruption – minimising the risk (which is a big barrier to change).

If you are keen to have a positive impact on your organisation then you can harness these quieter weeks to reflect and make real, valuable change. Even if you can’t or don’t need to make big changes, there is going to be time to talk with your colleagues. Make every moment count and use the time to identify what you could be doing better. It would probably be good for your colleagues to get involved in discussions and chats (.. those last few days can really drag on)

So, which of these could you do if you had more time?

  • Speak to a colleague in depth about the challenges they face with an internal process
  • Re-evaluate your spend for the New Year – how much is driven into keeping the lights on rather than innovation?
  • Take a closer look at your manual processes and decide which, if any, are too disruptive
  • Invite your team to offer new ideas for the business, a more informal tone will encourage potential bright sparks to offer you new ways to do more / better


Tip: A mince pie would probably go a long way to signing others up to share their thoughts.

All in all, investing a little more of yourself before the end of year is likely to reap rewards for you all 2017, after all:

“…Christmas isn’t just a day, it’s a frame of mind … and that’s what’s been changing. That’s why I’m glad I’m here; maybe I can do something about it.”

 — Kris Kringle (Edmund Gwenn) in Miracle on 34th Street


That’s it for this year folks. Merry Christmas everyone… we’ll see you in the new year.

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No one will be angry you have made a better decision, but some may be frustrated with the change – read our blog about fear of change.