Effective exception handling saves time and money

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Do you spend 60% of your time dealing with just 10% of cases?

Complaints, vacation requests, loan creating and policy binding: however many cases you manage in your business, there will inevitably be a significant percentage that don’t follow the ‘best-case scenario’. Having robust workflow software and exception handling in place to deal with those cases that flow out of the process can bring significant benefits to your bottom line. Let’s take a look…

When exceptions occur in your process – and things don’t go to plan – the following can occur:

  • Time and money is spent investigating exceptions to bring them back on track
  • Senior staff face a higher administrative burden as they spend precious time on exceptions
  • Workflows get delayed – or stop completely – until the issue is addressed.

It’s clear that exceptions cost time and increase your operational costs. So what’s the answer?

LEAP workflow software makes it easy to capture exceptions and understand what causes them.

The key to reducing cost is to reduce the number of exceptions that occur, or in other words, to improve the quality of your process.  With LEAP workflow software, you can:

  1. Quickly evolve your system to capture the data that falls outside the process
  2. instigate Root Cause Analysis (RCA): LEAP workflow software enables you to  drill-down on every aspect of your process and tackle the ‘root cause’ of each exception, so that they can be handled as part of the process or eliminated over time.

As a result, you spend less time dealing with exceptions: those that enter the workflow are captured, understood and rectified – fast.

To learn how LEAP workflow software can help you handle exceptions through one configurable and cost-effective business automation platform, get in touch.