LEAP Low-code

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Powerful, flexible features to build your process solutions

With LEAP, you can take advantage of a range of pre-configured features that can be utilised individually or together to build powerful, flexible and automated process solutions.

Data Management

Capture, store and manage all your data in one secure place

Forms that only capture the information you need

Ensure your teams enter the correct data by creating custom data captures forms. Through using the wide range of field types including check boxes, picklists, rich text, dates, and utilising validation rules you can improve speed and accuracy.  Minimise inaccuracies further with tools such as spellcheck, Google Maps and a postcode checker.

Data field types
Filter and search

Data at your fingertips

Quickly and easily find the data you need with customer filters and smart search. Plus, you can format search result grids so that the information you need is within easy reach.

Filter and search

Follow the trail

Whenever a change is made to the data or a process, LEAP captures the information into an activity log. Time and date stamping the changes and linking it to a user profile. This allows for a full audit trail to be generated for training, compliance or reporting reasons.

User activity