Fowler Drew choose The LEAP Low-code Platform for their improved client relationship management process

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Fowler Drew has selected the LEAP platform to eradicate their current process pain points via adaptable workflow, responsive automation and reliable user-centric CRM.

The LEAP Solutions Team are excited to announce a new partnership with Fowler Drew, the wealth management and investment specialists. Fowler Drew – founded in 2004 – offer their expanding portfolio of clients a personalised investment service designed to deliver target outcomes of goal-specific plans.

The LEAP Solutions Team were tasked with the delivery of an improved CRM focused system to manage Fowler Drew’s growth and range of client portfolios and assets.

This rapid business growth highlighted the critical issue that Fowler Drew’s current process wasn’t serving their company well. This system did not have the capacity to perform with the speed and adaptability expected of it. Knowing that this system would eventually put their clients’ needs in question Fowler Drew selected LEAP to ensure a solution with customer-focused outcomes.

The need for improved business outcomes and a reliable CRM module was identified to facilitate the company’s rapid growth, while future-proofing their operating structure and client engagement initiatives. Ensuring all associated costs were reduced was another critical requirement.

In response, the LEAP Solutions Team were confident in their ability to deliver a solution without compromise.

What LEAP will deliver for Fowler Drew:

Improved Business Outcomes

The LEAP platform’s effective workflow capabilities will unite Fowler Drew’s company departments giving them the power to: initiate workflow queues with specific task allocation and triggers, track all tasks in an easy to manage activity log, and ensure Authority “sign off” measures are in place when needed. Alongside this, all corresponding Documentation will be available securely under one roof via the electronic document library – standardised and filtered via the date it enters the system.

Improved Customer Service 

CRM is Fowler Drew’s main driving force behind this new system so themed and responsive client portals will be a critical application feature. Within LEAP’s online client portals system users will be able to easily request documents from clients and confirm details, request electronic confirmation via e-signatures with integrated DocuSign technology, and generate dynamic and personalised correspondences utilising flexible automation.

Reduced Costs

Through the power of automation, all repeatable admin-based tasks will be completed via event triggers within LEAP’s workflow so staff time isn’t wasted completing tedious documentation.

“FLOvate are extremely pleased to announce that we’ve teamed up with a leading innovative and modern wealth management organisation. The organisation’s growing client portfolios and assets are currently being managed, stored and recorded through an ongoing development of their current providers, which is slow and complex to change. Hence why they felt it would be beneficial to look at a workflow management system to improve the process of managing tasks, documentation and communication, through automation. LEAP was their product of choice because of its fast and vast ability to optimise their processes in a secure way, but also within their price range. Now they’re very excited to begin using LEAP for years to come and utilising it in others areas of their business.”

Joshua Knightley | Senior Solutions Manager

Learn more about Fowler Drew here.

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