Give a man(ager) a fish… The inherent power of BPM platforms

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“Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day; teach him how to fish and you have fed him for a lifetime.” Can a BPM platform be compared to a fishing rod? We think so! Last week, Sales Director Sean Brownell got the FLOvate team thinking about the old adage and how it applies to BPM platforms. Here, we take a lighthearted dive into the concept that figuring something out for oneself is more beneficial than a one-off handout…

Teach a man how to use a BPM platform and he won’t need anything else for his process initiatives. All the functions needed to deliver successful process improvement – from documents and records to workflow, reporting and integration tools –  is in that fishing rod.  No need to buy lots of expensive added extras!

Teach a man how to use a BPM platform and he won’t bother IT for weeks: zero code BPM platforms such as LEAP by FLOvate enable process related tasks that currently have to be done by the IT team to be carried out by the fisherman. Show him how to create his own dashboards, implement his own business logic, manage his own documentation and empower him through self-service.

Teach a man how to use a BPM platform and he’ll excel: scarcity of talent is putting pressure on all business staff to demonstrate that they are more than a cog in a machine.  Mastering the skills to manage process related initiatives will enable employees to demonstrate bottom line value over and above their colleagues.

Teach a man how to use a BPM platform and create evangelists across the business: gaining BPM buy-in can be tough. By teaching those who are willing to learn, and empowering those to teach others, you will quickly create self-starters who will embed the value of BPM across the business.

Teach a man how to use a BPM platform and he’ll cope when times are tough: the ability to get detailed performance related stats will arm your fishermen with the information they need to spot danger – and make the most of reeling-in opportunities!

Intrigued? We’d love to show you how the LEAP business process management platform can help you ‘eat for life.’ To see it in action, book your personal 30-minute web demo now!

Photo credit: By Zureks: Wikipedia Creative Commons