Why putting HR processes into the Cloud is a no brainer

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As technology swiftly advances there are new concepts continually coming to market and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to pick out the lasting notions from the fads.

By now most companies have heard of the ‘cloud’, whether that is cloud computing, cloud storage, public clouds, private clouds and more. ‘The cloud is the new style of elastically scalable, self-service computing, and both internal applications and external applications will be built on this new style’ (Gartner Inc, 2014) and whether they know it or not most businesses will be using a cloud right now.

Cloud based working has and will continue to have a major role in delivering business services and will continue to support business transformation and drive the evolution in business models (KPMG Cloud Survey Report). You only need to look at the effects the Zenefits HR web based solution is having in the USA and how the adoption of this software has helped HR business to perform more efficiently.

So if your business HR was put into a specially developed, cloud based process management system how could it improve efficiency?

Enable a mobile workforce – improve mobility and flexibility

Arguably one of the biggest benefits of moving portions of HR to the cloud is the accessibility of the work related software. With the right software employees can gain access from any device anywhere, any time. The added flexibility means reduced lead times and higher staff motivation.

Improve your communication and alignment with employees, agencies and applicants

The self-service aspect of a web based HR based solution removes the need for paper based filling and the extensive use of excel spreadsheets associated with HR processes. Employees can use simplistic data entry as a way to update personal information, request days off and more.

The web based software can also directly integrate with recruitment agencies perhaps by providing alerts of new positions. Agencies can then upload potential candidate CVs directly to the system for you to review, helping to move the process forward faster.

Enhance your HR team

More often than not an HR team has to juggle multiple roles on a day to day basis, especially as there are so many compliance regulations within human resourcing. To enable a more personal approach to recruitment and employee management more organisations are looking to automate particular HR tasks to make particularly monotonous processes easier for both employers and employees.

Through automating administrative HR functions for example, employee on-boarding and payroll, companies with a small HR team can provided with the tools to feel a lot bigger than they are. It also gives the team the chance to put the ‘human’ back into human resources.

More data, better innovation opportunities

Through the use of an HR process solution data will be readily available in real time and, with the use of a dashboard reporting facility, will be obtainable whenever necessary. Easily accessible data can enable quick decisions for the benefit of the organisation. The automatic system will also regularly update and upgrade to make it easier for cloud-based HR software to stay cutting edge and be increasingly useful.

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