Tailored Solutions

Invest in a secure, self-service platform in which you can build unlimited, bespoke processes that perform, quickly and at low cost. 

No matter the industry, companies thrive when they can respond quickly to new challenges. The LEAP platform is Low-code; making it fast, powerful, and affordable, in enabling your business to create bespoke, agile solutions for day-to-day issues.

The LEAP platform will effectively manage process defects including admin overload, error-prone processes, inefficient workflows, high development costs and risks, plus the overlapping of inadequate procedures. Your optimal business processes, combined with powerful LEAP Low-code software will deliver the results you need.

Explore a few key areas supported by LEAP

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Customer Support

LEAP enhances all aspects of customer service operations.

Whether your team needs accurate real-time reports or improved, automated workflows; LEAP optimises processes including ticket management, record-keeping, KPI monitoring, communications and more.

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Off-the-shelf software solutions can be costly; with no guaranteed results.

LEAP Low-code software allows staff to innovate – improving claims management processes with purpose-built solutions like real-time dashboards and customer-focused workflows.

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Public Sector

Customer expectations for efficient, digital services have never been higher.

Office processes and critical systems, from procurement and license management to invoicing and expenses, rely on speed and accuracy. Low-code reduces admin overload for your staff.

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Banking and Finance

Security is a critical concern within financial services.

The LEAP Low-code software brings your financial processes into the digital age, updating and automating workflows to make the pains of multipoint data collection and reporting a thing of the past.

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Human Resources

Enlighten your HR processes with LEAP workflow software.

From on-boarding to leave requests, absence to appraisals: employees create a lot of information. Automate simple admin tasks and focus on value-adding activities with LEAP Low-code software.

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Complaints and Compliance

Improve cycle time visibility for all your legal cases using Low-code automation software.

If you are looking to allocate work more effectively, or manage time and resources to allow growth – an automation platform could offer you the solution you need. 

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How LEAP Low-code technology can help

The LEAP platform was created with core aims of delivering enhanced efficiency, operational speed and return on investment. Whether your organisation specialises in insurance or legal practice, healthcare or banking, LEAP has the potential to go beyond simple improvement to revolutionising your everyday results. It’s a solution for today’s challenges, with the potential to grow and solve future challenges.

Immediate benefits

Save time and money: transform old-fashioned development processes with powerful tools providing flexibility. Use our Project Cost Estimator to compare traditional development costs to what can be achieved with LEAP.

Advanced functionality: a library of applications, included with LEAP as standard, provides your staff with an extensive toolbox to build bespoke business solutions. The LEAP team can refine your strategies with in-depth process consultancy services.

Centralise your operations: give the people who understand your business best – your employees – the tools to become Citizen Developers.

You can read our case studies for more information or contact us to discuss what LEAP Low-code technology can achieve for your organisation.

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