Save time, improve records and improve process quality and delivery.

Financial processes are heavily regulated and often restricted by multiple legacy systems. With the LEAP Low-code platform it’s quick and easy to replace error-prone processes and capture communications trails with a single system of record through flexible workflow and full document management. In order to ensure you are meeting KPIs, you can get deep insight using the graphical dashboards tailored to your specific needs – enabling you to provide transparent information as required to regulatory bodies.

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Complaints Handling

A simple yet powerful software solution for managing and reporting on complaints. Get full visibility with powerful search and filter features. Track complaint progress and automate work at each stage. Stay ahead of FCA changes. Automatically send letters, emails and SMS messages and much more.

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Procurement Management

Ensuring procurement systems are fit for purpose can be difficult when relying on complex, manual processes. The LEAP Low-code platform’s powerful data and reporting tool allows you to refine your strategy to ensure cost and time savings.

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Loan Application Management

Powerful scoring techniques and analytics help you effectively manage risk and make informed decisions. LEAP Low-code makes it easy to configure around your business credit rules and policies, make informed decisions based on your predefined criteria e.g. credit scores, reduces rekeying and errors with online data capture,  and keep customers in the loop with template communications e.g. SMS.

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Financial Portfolio Management

Complex regulatory and processing requirements demand an effective management system. LEAP features an extensive collection of pre-configured modules that can be fitted together to meet the needs of financial organisations; reducing risk, streamlining process and connecting customers directly to their accounts.

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Invoice Validation

Condense a paper-heavy process with electronic forms and matching rules. Features include: Electronic data capture and scanning, auto-match of purchase order fields, auto-notification of anomalies, one-click approval from desktop or mobile, and alerting system for approved invoices.

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Lead Management

LEAP’s easy-to-use platform effectively nurtures your leads through to conversion. Functions include single system to capture all new leads, auto-assign tools route leads to the right resources, Scoring to ensure leads are prioritised and dealt with effectively and alerts to advise staff when follow-ups are due.

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Save time and money

Reduce inefficiencies in their processes, empowering staff and customers to make decisions faster. Automated workflows and custom triggers ensure tasks are handled in a timely and accurate manner.

Insurance staff can act as Citizen Developers, by creating custom digital products and limiting reliance on traditional IT development.

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Focus on the customer

Staff can react to root causes, risks, hazards and trends as they emerge by including modules for multi-channel reporting, automatic trigger-based communication and task allocation.

As well as allowing users to design and deploy bespoke applications, our team will work with you to include essential tools in your bespoke LEAP solution.

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Improve communications

LEAP can help to integrate your systems’ multiple data points, kickstarting your back-office processes and ensuring personalised, engaging customer communications.

Keep things simple; use one centralised platform, document ownership, versioning, collaboration, staff training and more can also be made simple and pain-free.

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