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New technologies are changing the way the financial services industry works. Effective systems are needed to meet the challenges of increasingly complex regulatory and loan processing requirements. LEAP Low-code software provides a comprehensive library of modules to help financial institutions reduce risk, streamline processes and meet the expectations of digitally-connected customers. Featuring intelligent automation capabilities, workflow management tools, legacy system integration and much more, the LEAP platform minimises costs while enhancing results.

Benefits of using LEAP within your organisation include:

  • Streamline essential everyday processes – use powerful automation tools to collect data, eliminate inefficiency and reduce costs
  • Centralise key system touch-points – used as a central hub for data and documentation, LEAP makes analysis and reporting easier than ever
  • Encourage agility and responsiveness – growing with your company, LEAP enables proactive planning, management and execution of work

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LEAP: Loan Application Management Software Features

Regulatory compliance controls

Through rule based workflow and real time reporting, you can be sure your process is performing as required. Plus, you can store, track and even create critical documentation and communications within the system, ensuring a full and thorough audit trail.

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Automated real-time reporting

You can build bespoke dashboards for as many team members as required. These can then be automated and scheduled to reach staff when they are needed, based on up to the minute information.

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Efficiency to avoid duplication and reduce manual effort

Eliminate the risk of re-keying and duplicating effort through LEAP’s powerful workflow tool. Based on the rules you set, a user will be led through the process to action necessary steps.

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Risk management – manage your data and exceptions

Through LEAPs powerful reporting tool you can see any level of detail you require as often as necessary. This means you can look closely at risk potential and act accordingly. If all data is central you then have a perfect vantage point to anticipate exceptions and adapt your process accordingly.

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Centralisation and control

By automating your process you can draw all critical activities into a single system. This guarantees the production of a single data output which will give you a much clearer view of actual business performance and process productivity. If you currently accept information via a range of methods, you could look to build portals that will help customers and internal users quickly and easily provide information without the risk of error.

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Where LEAP Low-code Technology Can Help


Use LEAP to collect real-time data while monitoring key performance indicators and exceptions. Connecting key metrics in comprehensive automated reports and dashboards is made easy with LEAP, helping you to identify and act upon issues around profitability, risk management and more.


LEAP Low-code software makes it simple to collate documentation and data points, providing the tools needed to satisfy examiners and analysts. LEAP also allows teams to make quick changes across your company’s document base, setting rules for loan corrections, modifications and more.

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Use LEAP to connect your staff, customers and core systems. The platform can be used to deploy digital client-facing portals, link third-party providers and bring disparate data sources together into one intuitive platform. With LEAP, you can ensure all stakeholders are consistently on the same page.

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