Use LEAP to manage risk and deliver enhanced profitability

Without a centralised system in place, lenders face a significant challenge in keeping track of activities and opportunities across spreadsheets, notebooks and calendars. The LEAP platform‘s range of inbuilt modules ensure end-to-end oversight of your loans processes, from application to approval. Give your teams the necessary tools to improve results and increase customer satisfaction. With powerful automation capability, document management tools, real-time reporting and more, LEAP Low-code allows your organisation to be flexible and to respond to customer needs.

Benefits of using LEAP within your organisation include:

  • Leverage your data – use LEAP’s reporting tools to collate all customer details, accessing key insights from loan application to closing
  • Automated decision-making – significantly reduce admin and origination time with trigger-based alerts and workflow functionality
  • An integrated solution – LEAP is compatible with legacy systems, able to be used as a multi-purpose hub for all company stakeholders

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LEAP: Loan Application Management Software Features

Reduce risk through advanced reporting

Robust processes are needed to reduce organisational risk and to prevent outdated, time-consuming procedures from negatively impacting customer experience. The LEAP system is capable of performing any financial calculations. These are applied in a rule-based manner which can then be used to generate estimations and reports exactly as required.

Automate timely communication

LEAP is able to generate, store, send and receive all relevant emails and documentation to ensure that they are logged and maintained in line with customer and operational needs.

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Standardise activities via workflow

To ensure your processes are adhered to and followed consistently, LEAP’s powerful workflow engine can be set up to move each element of a process onto the next, by using triggers and providing educational support where necessary for your staff.

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Update and secure data easily

By using LEAP, if changes to data occur in the life of the loan application, you can be sure that it will be securely captured in a systematic way and alert you to any gaps or anomalies that need to be addressed.

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Where LEAP Low-code Technology Can Help


The LEAP Low-code platform makes it easy to design and deploy optimised workflows and purpose-built digital solutions. With the right setup, LEAP can evaluate a loan application’s viability, collectability and risk, with no manual intervention required.

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LEAP acts as a centralised hub offering your staff easy access to key customer details – everything from application status, task allocation, funding, customer history, previous decisions and more – helping to identify and eliminate bottlenecks in the loan origination process.

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Set up trigger-based alerts, conditions and messages at any stage of your process to ensure timely completion of applications, repayments and more with LEAP. Reducing time-consuming monitoring and task allocation activities frees up time for managers to focus on strategy and profitability.

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Integrate LEAP into customer service and underwriting procedures to ensure complete compliance with FCA regulations and more. LEAP makes accessing and auditing your existing records a simple task, while providing customers with all necessary oversight of their loan agreements.

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