LEAP | Low-code Software for Complaints and Compliance Teams

Ensure your organisation is fully compliant by building more efficient and transparent processes. 

Whether you are part of an internal or external legal team, or the unit charged with enforcing compliance policies within an organisation – the complexity of how to balance a well-planned process against legislative guidelines can be challenging.

If you are looking to manage these processes manually then you lose are likely to be investing a great deal of time and effort ensuring data is accurate and that core deliverables are being met as expected. The LEAP Low-code platform can automate the entirety of your process keeping you in full control, plus reduces risk and allows you to keep up to date with progress.

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Compliance Management

Staying compliant with regulatory guidelines is a routine challenge. LEAP will deliver the ability to control your compliance processes by helping to automate workflows, establish record keeping and making sure critical deadlines are met by the right team members.

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Legal Business Management

Ensuring that you stay on top of your workload in the fast moving legal industry can be a challenge. LEAP allows you to allocate work more effectively and manage time and resources so that colleagues are working efficiently.

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Customer Records Management

Emerging technologies, combined with increasing customer expectations, are presenting new challenges around customer record keeping. The LEAP Low-code platform provides the necessary tools for your organisation to reduce record keeping inefficiencies, saving valuable time and money.

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Full audit trails

The LEAP Low-code platform captures all actions taken within your process, whether it is internal activity or engagement with a 3rd party. All communications and documentation can be generated, stored and dispatched by the system meaning you have a full end-to-end view of each case, instantly.

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Automated workflow

From on-boarding new data, to follow ups, document generation and final analysis – you can fully automate your process in its entirety and set rules to govern the pace and direction of the process ensuring consistency. If new legislation needs to be applied to the process, you can do so quickly and easily at no extra cost.

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Permissions based

Ensure the right people in your businesses are engaging with the process at the right stage by setting permission rules around tasks and activities. You can also build in alerts to be directed to senior staff in order to keep control of progress and support staff where appropriate.

Want to see how your process can be automated and optimised?

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