Customer Records Management Software

Transform time-consuming and ineffective record-keeping processes.

Emerging technologies, combined with increasing customer expectations, are presenting new challenges around customer record keeping. Records managers require modern, streamlined systems to effectively manage files and documentation while ensuring legal compliance, ensuring sufficient access privileges, turning insights into profits, and more.

The LEAP Low-code platform provides the necessary tools for your organisation to reduce record-keeping inefficiencies, saving valuable time and money. The platform’s inbuilt module library enables staff to optimise retention schedule activities, automate metadata assignment, create central documentation hubs, and much more. The platform’s flexibility also increases organisational responsiveness, allowing your team to future-proof your processes and meet challenges when they arise.

Benefits of using LEAP within your organisation include:

  • Respond to challenges and risks as they emerge – staff members are empowered to quickly deploy digital apps without costly IT investment
  • Manage security and access issues with ease – keep vital stored documents locked or accessible as needed, at a reduced cost
  • Facilitate collaboration across the company – create triggers and conditions, as well as tools, to keep goals and deliverables on task

Records Management Software Features


A well-designed process can fail if simple tasks are not executed effectively. In the LEAP platform, you can ensure that necessary actions around documentation are completed appropriately, using custom-defined prompts, diary notices and rule–based escalation.

Document centralisation

By designing and deploying processes through the LEAP platform, you can ensure appropriate documents are stored, logged and accessible. You can even generate documents automatically based on data you have gathered, significantly reducing admin time and eliminating risk of error. You can also keep on top of progress and productivity by using LEAP to link important case documentation to powerful analytics capability, all collated in a central location.

Permissions and authority

Data and records must be closely controlled and securely kept. The LEAP platform allows you to decide who can access what information and provide alerts when users are viewing restricted data. You can also escalate actions directly to the most relevant users via LEAP’s workflow functionality, ensuring document security without delays.

How LEAP Low Code Technology Can Help

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Reduce costs

Using LEAP for your records management helps to keep costs low by reducing the stresses of manual documentation storage and management. To ensure consistency, the platform also plugs easily into other essential internal systems and existing data.

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The LEAP Platform is renowned for its extensive workflow capabilities. Use triggers and alerts to define each stage of the journey for any given document. Automatically editing files, assigning tasks, acquiring approval, taking payments and keeping end-to-end records has never been easier.

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Stop searching for lost documents which may no longer exist. With solutions deployed using Low-code software, digitised records can be kept in one central location, easily traced with automatic metadata classification, search functionality and more.


The LEAP Low-code platform can be used to ensure compliance with legal retention schedules as well as readiness for auditing. Able to record and interpret key data, then editing vital documents and archive files where needed, LEAP ensures consistency and timeliness in essential processes.


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