Improve cycle time visibility for all your legal cases using Low-code automation software.

If you are looking to allocate work more effectively, or manage time and resources to allow growth – an automation platform could offer you the solution you need. From conveyancing, probate and wills to personal injury, debt recovery or commercial and litigation: LEAP Low-code legal workflow software can centralise your documentation, automate your time and billing processes and cut out unnecessary steps from all your non-value adding processes. Once within your organisation, it can be managed by your own teams, so you are not tied to third party delivery schedules.

Benefits of using LEAP within your organisation include:

  • Document templates: create standard documents quickly; reduce mistakes and ensure consistency.
  • Integrated email: align your processes with seamless Outlook connectivity; track of all interactions relating to a case
  • Case management dashboards: get a snapshot of all open cases; prioritise workload quickly and manage tasks effectively.
  • Alerts: configure alerts to notify the right people when specific tasks are due for completion

Our experienced business analysts are on hand to discuss with you the best solution for your business based on your specific needs and are able to apply best practice business process management methodology giving you the best package possible.

Want to see how your process can be automated and optimised?

Send us some details about your process and we’ll build it in the LEAP platform for you to explore. Simply get in touch to book your free demo.

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