LEAP | Low-code Software for Customer Support

Be more responsive and support customers fairly and efficiently with LEAP Low-code software.

Today’s customer service agents are under more pressure than ever to deliver quality information quickly and accurately. LEAP Low-code software makes the swift location and delivery of customer information easy by providing a single source of real-time information supported by e-filing and dashboard reports.

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Customer Communication

Through a comprehensive toolset including customer portals, a detailed document editor, and integrated email and SMS functionality; you can be sure that your customers are kept informed and involved where required.

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Customer Service

The LEAP Low-code platform’s range of inbuilt modules – including centralised document management, automated workflow and enhanced internal messaging – will strengthen critical customer service processes, increasing customer and staff satisfaction. 

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Customer Records Management

Increasing customer expectations, are presenting new challenges around customer record keeping. The LEAP Low-code platform provides the necessary tools for your organisation to reduce record keeping inefficiencies, saving valuable time and money.

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Complaints Handling

Put complaints right quickly and at low cost with the LEAP Low-code platform. LEAP complaints handling software delivers powerful features for FCA regulated firms and is Low-code so you can react to changes – fast. 

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Customer Relationship Management

Organisations can benefit from a range of powerful and intelligent modules providing insights and automation for every milestone in the customer journey, by replacing outdated and inefficient customer-facing processes using LEAP.

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Ticket Management

Capture customer support requests electronically and categorise by job type; automatically send notifications via mobile to keep customers up to date; view open, overdue and closed cases via stunning graphical dashboard reports; manage your time and resources effectively.

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Focus on the customer

Staff can react to root causes, risks, hazards and trends as they emerge by including modules for multi-channel reporting, automatic trigger-based communication and task allocation.

As well as allowing users to design and deploy bespoke applications, our team will work with you to include essential tools in your bespoke LEAP solution.

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Automated workflow

From on-boarding new data, to follow ups, document generation and final analysis – you can fully automate your process in its entirety and set rules to govern the pace and direction of the process ensuring consistency. If new legislation needs to be applied to the process, you can do so quickly and easily at no extra cost.


By enabling automation and streamlining of your processes, on-boarding procedures and first customer/client experiences are made more efficient in an increasingly crowded and competitive service industry.

Want to see how your process can be automated and optimised?

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