Complaints Handling
Made Simple

LEAP for Complaints Management is a fully customisable solution
for all of your customer service issues.

Powered by FLOvate’s Low-code platform, LEAP for Complaints Management can be adapted to suit your business, helping to streamline your complaints handling process and improve customer satisfaction.

How will LEAP help my business?

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Features that work for you

LEAP includes all of the features you need to improve your complaints handling
process, from customisable forms to real-time dashboards and much more.
1. Capture
Capture Form
Every complaint is entered into LEAP through an easy to use form or via a data capture wizard that is configured with your required fields. Ensuring that the correct data is collected at time of input.
2. Manage
In built Triage Wizards, utilising Q&A assessments, intelligent automation and adaptable workflows, mean that all complaints follow the correct process steps and are directed to the right people.
3. Monitor
Real-time dashboards mean that you can keep track of all outstanding or closed complaints at any time. You can monitor volume, response times and the type of complaints, all in editable dashboards.
4. Report
Comprehensive reports, tailored to suit your requirements, can be built at the click of the button or scheduled to run at periodic times.
5. Improve
By utilising data and on-demand information you can analyse trends to identify the root cause of complaints. Using these insights to take preventative action and make business improvements.

Why use LEAP for Complaints Handling?

LEAP utilises low code technology to build a Complaints Handling system
that works for you and your business.

Fully customisable to fit your complaints process

Powered by the LEAP Low-Code platform, Leap for Complaints Management can be configured and tailored to build a solution that works for you.

Automated Workflows and intelligent task routing

Assess and route complaints to the right users and teams with automated workflows, resulting in quick and efficient resolutions.

Everything you need in one place

Eliminate the need for multiple systems and spreadsheets, with a solution that can manage, store and analyse all of your information in one secure place.

Real-time reports and dashboards

Utilise reports and interactive dashboards to visualise data, identity trends and flag bottle necks. The insights gained can be used to take preventative or curative steps and to make business improvements.

Built-in email and SMS messaging

Integrated document handling, email and SMS messaging means you can keep your customers up to date at each step of the process. Improving the customer experience and increasing transparency.

Ensure you are always compliant

Embedded rules and reminders ensure that no information is missed and that every step of the process is completed. Making sure that your procedures follow best practice and meet your regulatory obligations.

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What does it cost?

LEAP’s pricing is based on how much users interact with the system. Why pay the same price for a manager that logs in once a week as a call handler who uses the system every day? User License Activity Credits (ULACs) are purchased in advance and can be topped up as needed.


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