Build an effective, customer focused process to reduce cycle times and improve outcomes.

If your current complaints process is hindering communication, escalation, data-collection or general efficiency, the LEAP Low-code platform provides your business with the tools to resolve issues quickly and effectively.

LEAP Low-code software is equipped with an extensive library of customisable modules so your team can design and deploy tailor-made complaints solutions quickly and with no coding skills required. Featuring intelligent automation tools, centralised document hubs, powerful data collection & reporting tools and more, your business will be armed with everything needed to resolve complaints and improve customer service.

Benefits of using LEAP within your organisation include:

  • Allow staff to respond to customer complaints quickly and fairly, without missing a key milestone or misplacing a document.
  • Eliminate your reliance on manual processing to speed up response times and reduce risk of error.
  • Harness the power of data – inbuilt modules make data collection and storage a pain-free process, eliminating inefficiency and ensuring transparency for full audit control.

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LEAP: Complaints Handling Software Features

Reduce the cost of cases and admin by automating where possible

Through automation, you can guarantee that complaints cases will be handled efficiently and to a high standard by placing in rules and triggers that keep the process moving as it should.  This eliminates the risk and cost of manual processing plus ensures critical business KPIs are met.

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Audit trails are fully maintained and accessible through workflow

By placing all elements of a process within a single system, you can ensure all activities and tasks are fully tracked and monitored. So, when you need to review your complaints handling history (individual cases or total)  you simply pull this information up instantly, in any format you require.

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Ensure legislation guidelines are met

It is essential your complaints process strictly meets any and all governing criteria. However these guidelines can change and it’s important to have a flexible system that can be updated to suit your requirements. Any changes you make to your complaints system in the LEAP platform can be done instantly, and at no additional cost or risk to your business.

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Ensure security with permission based activities

The security of the data you store and process is of critical importance. Within the LEAP platform you can guarantee this through permission based activities and profiles – meaning team members will only see the data they need to.

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Where LEAP Low-code Technology Can Help

Cost savings

LEAP provides all the necessary functionality to replace outdated legacy systems, reducing touch points where appropriate in the complaints process. Use automated workflows to create an efficient end-to-end procedure, increasing efficiency and customer satisfaction while reducing admin costs.

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The LEAP Low-code platform comes with sophisticated data collection and reporting tools. This enables teams to monitor and analyse key processes, gaining insights that can be used to determine and improve the root causes behind customer complaints.


Use LEAP to ensure communications between your staff and customers are tracked and timely. The platform can be used as a central document hub, allowing cross-department collaboration and collection of customer data from across all different channels.

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LEAP enables your organisation to react quickly in line with your business requirements. With LEAP Low-code software, solutions can be deployed quickly as challenges and changes arise. Being able to meet customer expectations more easily gives your company a distinct advantage.

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