Compliance Management Software

Use our fast, adaptable and affordable LEAP Low-code platform to safeguard your compliance processes.

As compliance obligations become more complex, the amount of time needed by organisations to manage regulatory and reporting tasks often exceeds their ability to keep up manually.

The LEAP Low-code platform offers a range of pre-coded modules you can easily combine to build your ideal process. This enables greater flexibility while ensuring policies, practices and procedures are both accountable and robust. Empower your organisation to automate and digitise critical compliance processes: from the collection of full audit trails and digital education for staff, integrated within essential workflows, to document storage with the ability to cascade regulatory changes across company-wide systems.

With LEAP you can:

  • Make changes quickly and without additional cost – rely less on IT for process-specific issues and more for critical support
  • Intuitive self-service platform – designing process apps is made quick and easy
  • Meet external factors and demands – readily evolve and adapt antiquated systems

LEAP: Compliance Management Software Features

Up-to-the-minute reporting

LEAP’s extensive toolset allows you to create detailed, interactive reporting dashboards quickly and easily. Powerful components enable you to highlight pain points in your compliance process and drill down into the critical risk procedures affecting your business.

Authority permissions

Achieve greater control over compliance processes with LEAP’s Integrated Authority and Permissions modules. The LEAP platform is safe and secure, with advanced functionality allowing strict management of triggers and visibility. This enables senior staff to ensure only authorised users with relevant job roles to access your internal LEAP portals and workflows.

Intelligent workflow

Transparency is an essential aspect of business functionality, supported by LEAP’s workflow capabilities making operations succinct, orderly, and guided by clearly-defined customer outcomes. Using flexible automation, integrated trigger-based workflows and advanced analytics to guide decision-making, you can make light work of managing your business systems with LEAP.

Where LEAP Low-code Technology Can Help


Replacing outdated manual systems using LEAP will help ensure 100% compliance and even reduce organisational risk by keeping policies in line with current and future regulatory requirements.


How long does it take to implement, test, train, and deploy procedures to meet new compliance mandates? LEAP can help to build your policy library, automate communications between team members, identify training requirements and more.


Using LEAP, new apps are quickly configured and easily integrated with legacy systems. LEAP’s modular functionality was designed with cross-compatibility in mind, so you can build solutions to perfectly meet your organisation’s needs.


By enabling automation and streamlining of your processes, on-boarding procedures and first customer/client experiences are made both smoother and more efficient in an increasingly crowded, competitive service industry.


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