Seamless communication exchange and logging between teams, customers and clients.

Whether you need external or internal functionality we know how to ensure your processes are equipped with a smooth Customer Communications element. The LEAP platform endeavours to make multi-channel communication as simple as possible, without compromising on reliability.

Here are just a few of the Customer Communication features we can deliver:


The information you need, when you need it


Create professional standardised documentation with LEAP’s Document Template Editor. This tool allows you to add, remove and insert data merge fields into multiple document formats, giving you complete control over the appearance of all your external communications.

LEAP stores every communication you send in a Document Template Library so you can easily maintain and track all your correspondences in one place.

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Through the Document Template Dashboard emails can be created and sent automatically at pre-defined stages of your business process. This means every customer will receive timely updates without the worry of outdated information being relayed back and forth.

Each customer record also acts as an “inbox”. So, all the interactions between your client, Third-party Vendors and your company are all safely stored together, putting an end to long and frustrating email trails.

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SMS Messages can also be actioned to send at pre-defined stages of your business process. SMS functionality allows you to send quick personalised messages such as reminders and completion updates automatically to your clients.

SMS automation is controlled within the LEAP Workflow Engine, where your processes pre-defined stages can be altered as your business grows.

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Put an end to scanning and paper chasing with LEAP’s seamless connectivity with DocuSign. Empower your workflow and deliver excellent customer service with the market-leading e-signature technology.

The DocuSign process is simple with your clients receiving an email link guiding them to a document that requires their signature. Once signed, LEAP is notified allowing further workflow to be triggered.

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LEAP’s client portals are perfectly suited to ensure a transparent customer experience. On a restricted basis, your clients are allowed to log into the LEAP Application where they can view their own Client Portal. This gives your company and Third-party Vendors the opportunity to upload reports, live status updates (which can be automated) and any additional tasks required of your customers.

This Portal allows your client to never be more than a click away from live updates.

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LEAP’s Workflow capabilities ensure the right actions are happening at the right times. From Automated Decision Making utilised when sending Emails and SMS Messages, to actioning the correct tasks from a triggered DocuSign Signature, effective Workflow remains at the heart of internal business operations. The result? A seamless and transparent end to end client experience that is fully reportable.

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LEAP has the ability to be hosted wherever you choose, meaning all your data will be safely stored under one roof. You can host your data on your company’s local infrastructure; or on our recommended, industry standard cloud platform Microsoft Azure.

LEAP can easily be deployed on The Cloud to save your company from investing in costly servers, and the worry that coincides with them failing. This can lead to countless hours of rekeying your data.

No matter what hosting option you choose all the above Communication features won’t be affected when deploying your LEAP Application. To learn more about our Hosting Options click here.

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