Use LEAP to meet and exceed rising customer expectations with ease

Customer service systems need to be built around robust, customer-driven processes to allow for effective multi-channel communications, self-service solutions and quick, hassle-free problem resolution. Customer expectations have risen to a level where anything less will have an immediate negative impact on customer satisfaction.

The LEAP Low-code platform’s range of inbuilt modules will strengthen critical customer service processes, increasing customer and staff satisfaction. Whether your teams require improved case tracking, analytics and reporting, customer-facing portals or internal knowledge hubs, LEAP provides the tools to deploy purpose-built solutions which increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Benefits of using LEAP within your organisation include:

  • Automate essential processes – customisable workflows with trigger-based alerts reduce reliance on time-consuming and repetitive tasks
  • Powerful data insights – pinpoint trends and root causes with data collection automated across every channel, metric and KPIs
  • Implement solutions at reduced cost – enable staff to respond to challenges and deploy bespoke apps without relying on IT resources

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LEAP: Customer Service Software Features

Effective internal messaging

Put an end to chasing emails and tasks between teams and customers with LEAP Low-code software. Utilising a popular format, similar to Skype or WhatsApp, the inbuilt Instant Messaging tool allows cross-department teams to communicate directly within the LEAP platform, providing a secure, detailed and up-to-date log  of activity for teams to pick up.

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Powerful workflow to deliver best possible outcomes

You can ensure that every action possible to be taken by a customer or internal team member is built into your system; this allows businesses to methodically support customers in need of help. Through analytics you can identify unknown groups of actions and build this into the system also, meaning you can prepare for any eventuality.

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Centralised communications and document control

Any outgoing on incoming information can be stored, tracked and even trigger actions so anyone in your team can easily pick a case up and continue its processing.

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Where LEAP Low-code Technology Can Help


Ensure team members have everything they need to fully support your customers queries. This can be achieved through workflow automation and educational notices through the process to help CSAs handle any situation presented to them quickly and to a high standard.


Allow CSRs to address and resolve more issues in less time. With LEAP’s extensive range of inbuilt functions and modules your organisation can use automated workflows and more to overcome blockages in customer service systems.

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LEAP is built with powerful, customisable reporting & analytics tools. Create a full overview of your customers’ experience, easily monitoring key indicators to analyse trends and deliver continuous improvements over time.


The LEAP Low-code platform integrates easily with existing systems, becoming a central hub for efficient staff communication. Keep your team on the same page by eliminating inefficiencies in your communications.

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