Ticket Management Software

Route problems and queries to the right team member, and monitor until resolution.

Time-consuming and labour-intensive procedures are essential to remain competitive with quick, personalised and effective customer communications.

Using LEAP‘s intuitive visual interface your teams can automate key procedures, create custom trigger-based alerts, and deploy a host of purpose-built applications to streamline existing systems. Once integrated, the LEAP Low-code platform saves time and reduces cost by removing the need for manual processing and speeding up response times.

Benefits of using LEAP within your organisation include:

  • Enable 24/7 support – connect all of your communication channels to LEAP, automating ticket collection and escalation with simple parameters
  • Powerful automation capability – reduce reliance on repetitive tasks, cutting down admin time significantly
  • Cost-effective software – provide staff with a range of functional, customisable tools in one flexible solution

LEAP: Ticket Management Software Features

Status tracking
If key feedback is that information was not freely offered or available, the LEAP Low-code platform can eliminate that concern. You can trigger actions against key milestones and also set up alerts to ensure that updates are provided regularly and with any necessary information held within the system that is deemed relevant.

Respond quickly

Using outdated manual processes in customer service systems can lead to frustration for both customers and staff. By automating tasks and communications, you can ensure time sensitive issues are escalated to the right team member immediately and that all interactions are recorded fully.

Intelligent analytics
Once your process is established, you can access real–time reporting whenever necessary. Through this you can quickly and easily spot where your process may need improvement using analytical data. Any necessary changes can be made instantly, and at no additional cost or risk to your organisation.

How LEAP Low-code Technology Can Help

Speed icon

Use LEAP to eliminate blockages, gaps and problem area in your customer service and ticketing systems. Your organisation will benefit from automated ticket handling, trigger-based communications and status tracking ensuring quick and effective handling of customer issues.

Customer focus icon

Access powerful data collection capabilities across your organisation. An end-to-end view of the ticket management process provides key insights into customer issues, root causes, and overall staff productivity.

Team roles icon

Used as a central hub for internal information, LEAP makes it easy to track tickets and promote collaboration between staff. By understanding which departments and teams need to take action, your organisation can minimise duplication of work and resolve customers’ tickets at much greater speed.

System integration icon

LEAP can be deployed to fulfil a range of essential roles. The platform integrates easily with legacy systems, also capable of acting as a central interface for analytics & reporting, collated documentation, client-facing portals and much more.


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