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Make your HR processes easier to manage with LEAP Low-code software

From on-boarding to leave requests, absence to appraisals: employees create a lot of information. Automate simple admin tasks and focus on value-adding activities with LEAP Low-code software. Reduce errors, speed up your response and  and increase employee satisfaction by fully automating and streamlining the complex processes. Bring new and old systems together under one solution.

Workforce Management

Outdated processes can create issues that take up valuable staff management time. With LEAP, the powerful component suite can be tailored to resolve these administrative blockages and increase your teams efficiency.


Employing new staff members to your team can be a time-consuming process. LEAP collates all of the relevant information to one central location; including CV contents, interview feedback and communication with external agencies.

Employee On-boarding

Map specific processes with ease, aligned with internal and external compliance; set timings and actions around specific events e.g. end of probation; create alerts to ensure actions are taken at the right time; get visibility of incomplete information; set reminders for managers to chase up before the employee starts; maintain a central and accessible store of important information.

Record Management

Store all employee information in one place – easy to create and update, save and store confidential documents.

Leave Request Management

Simple, online form for employees to fill in – no more spreadsheets; requests enter your chosen workflow for approval, at multiple levels if required; visibility of requests submitted, pending and approved – reducing staff enquiries.

Significant savings

With LEAP, your processes are configured using a pre-coded group of high-quality modules and actions, delivering time and cost savings to your team by eradicating development cost and time investment.

Use the LEAP Project Cost Estimator to see what savings you could make compared to the cost of traditional development.

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Improve communications

LEAP can help to integrate your systems’ multiple data points, kickstarting your back-office processes and ensuring personalised, engaging customer communications.

Keep things simple; use one centralised platform, document ownership, versioning, collaboration, staff training and more can also be made simple and pain-free.

Market leading functionality

The LEAP Solutions Team have created an extensive library of modules to suit any organisation’s process requirement, so you can design processes exactly as you need them without compromise. Reporting, document and form handling, workflow management and much more are included as standard.

Want to see how your process can be automated and optimised?

Send us some details about your process and we’ll build it in the LEAP platform for you to explore. Simply get in touch to book your free demo.

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