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Use LEAP to transform people management processes – no code required.

Outdated processes and org charts create obstacles around forecasting, scheduling and analysis, taking up valuable team management time which can be better spent motivating, training and inspiring staff.

The LEAP Low-code platform provides a comprehensive suite of modules and applications that can be used to resolve everyday administrative issues and help retain staff. LEAP’s powerful capabilities allow your team to increase efficiency by centralising essential documentation, automating data and KPI monitoring processes, collaborating across departments and more.

Benefits of using LEAP within your organisation include:

  • The power of analytics integration – use automated data and metric collection to manage employee needs
  • Easily deploy bespoke applications – staff can quickly solve emerging challenges
  • A centralised workforce system – reduce dependence on IT by centralising on-boarding, training and performance systems

LEAP: Workforce Management Software Features

Effective workflow

To ensure information is up-to-date and compliant, businesses must often require their staff to engage directly with key systems. As a manual activity, this process can be error-prone. By standardising the process, you can ensure that every manual action is executed satisfactorily and in full compliance with internal policies. With custom triggers, alerts and actions, LEAP’s powerful workflow functionality means that all workforce related tasks are timely and efficient.

Document control

Essential company documentation and communications are often managed entirely by email and spreadsheets. This can create difficulties around properly tracking project progress and or gathering necessary information, especially if you are dealing with a large volume of staff or issues. The LEAP platform can centralise, produce, track and store all relevant documentation, ensuring access is easy and transparent.

Simple-to-use systems

Processes need to be simple and easy to execute in order for your to staff be properly engaged. Systems may also need to be changed to meet the demands of new internal policies. With LEAP, your organisation can design and build process apps exactly as you need them, and alter them at any time. This way, you can spot process issues and amend them (using in-built workflow functionality, for example) to deliver improved business outcomes.

Where LEAP Low Code Technology Can Help


Reduce inefficiencies and time expenditure caused by spreadsheets and outdated time recording systems. Update your processes with LEAP for more efficient, time-saving workforce management.

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LEAP is built to support agile, flexible workforces. Create a streamlined overview of benchmarks, KPIs and ROIs to ensure a unified approach to staff management.

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The LEAP Low-code platform easily integrates with existing legacy systems and replaces outdated management tools. Centralised management ensures consistency across critical workforce management processes from staff processing to forecasting.


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