LEAP | Low-code Software for the Insurance Industry

Redefine and optimise outdated, time-consuming processes to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Businesses in the insurance sector are increasingly utilising Low-code software like the LEAP platform to revolutionise processes which are a drain on time and resources. By doing so, they are strengthening client relationships by creating bespoke systems and solutions with customer service at their core.

By integrating LEAP with your existing procedures you can eliminate inefficiencies and achieve better levels of performance and productivity. With LEAP’s user-friendly interface and powerful set of pre-written process functions, your staff will soon be creating effective new processes and customer-facing applications – reducing your reliance on traditional IT development while also making savings on operational costs.

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Policy Management

Going digital is about more than transitioning from pen and paper or ditching the filing cabinet for The Cloud. Enabling your staff to significantly increase their productivity; LEAP can handle distribution, communication, access permissions, regulatory changes and much more for all of your policy documents.

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Claims Management

Market leaders in insurance are increasingly distinguished from the competition by their customer-centric service delivery. The LEAP platform provides powerful data analysis, workflow automation capability and more – empowering you to create an effective and user-friendly claims journey from end-to-end.

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Accident Management

Increase efficiencies and reduce costs in this area; LEAP Low-code software provides powerful insights via tracking and reporting tools, data collection, automated customer communications and more – helping to mitigate common procedural pain points.

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LEAP supports underwriters performing multiple critical functions in the insurance enterprise. Inbuilt modules act as centralised information hubs, client-facing portals or digital training centres. With automated workflow modules configurable to precise needs, your underwriters no longer need to rely on costly and ineffective solutions.

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Customer Relationship Management

In a competitive digital world, it is more important now than ever to build customer loyalty. Organisations can benefit from a range of powerful and intelligent modules providing insights and automation for every milestone in the customer journey, by replacing outdated and inefficient customer-facing processes using LEAP.

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Save time and money

Reduce inefficiencies in your processes, empowering staff and customers to make decisions faster. Automated workflows and custom triggers ensure tasks are handled in a timely and accurate manner.

Insurance staff can act as Citizen Developers, by creating custom digital products and limiting reliance on traditional IT development.

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Focus on the customer

By including modules for multi-channel reporting, automatic trigger-based communication and task allocation, staff can react to root causes, risks, hazards and trends as they emerge .

As well as allowing users to design and deploy bespoke applications, our team will work with you to include essential tools in your bespoke LEAP solution.

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Improve communications

LEAP can help to integrate your systems’ multiple data points, kickstarting your back-office processes and ensuring personalised, engaging customer communications.

Keep things simple; by using one centralised platform, document ownership, versioning, collaboration, staff training and more can be made simple and pain-free.

Want to see how your process can be automated and optimised?

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