Automate tasks, collect valuable insights and improve customer service.

Within the increasingly competitive Insurance industry, the LEAP Low-code platform is providing insurance companies with new methods of retaining customer loyalty.

LEAP’s advanced workflow automation, trigger-based communication capability and powerful data collection tools streamline every aspect of your accident claims processes. Your team members will also be able to design and deploy custom solutions using LEAP’s intuitive visual interface, resolving issues caused by commonly-encountered pain points.

Integrating LEAP within your organisation will supply you with extensive capabilities, allowing for automation of regulatory compliance, elimination of time-consuming delays in the claims administration process, and more. 

Use the LEAP Low-code platform to enable responsiveness in your business, driving down costs and increasing customer satisfaction in the process. Our team is on hand to guide your custom LEAP implementation, ensuring your company benefits from powerful analytics, automated procedures and accelerated information sharing between staff, case managers and key stakeholders.

Benefits of using LEAP within your organisation include:

  • React in real-time as issues emerge – integrate tracking and reporting to ensure activities are targeted and effective.
  • Design and deploy bespoke apps – an intuitive visual interface empowers staff to solve problems directly, reducing your dependency on IT.
  • Full transparency for staff and clients – use LEAP as a central hub that integrates actionable data and documentation.

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LEAP: Accident Management Software Features

Effective document management

Replace the error-prone process of rekeying accident data into multiple systems by securely storing all case documentation in one location. LEAP’s Electronic Document Library enables users and third parties to easily search, index and annotate documentation relating to each case, and see where further action relating to that document has been taken by listing files in chronological order.

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Intelligent workflow

Effectively control the management of your accident data with LEAP’s workflow capabilities. When a new case enters LEAP, it is filtered via an automatic triage system where the data will be captured, assessed and stored as a record. Utilising automated decision making, further steps can then be triggered based upon this record’s journey.

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Powerful reporting

Map your accident data exactly as you need with LEAP’s intuitive Reporting Suite. Self-service graphical dashboards enable senior staff to closely analyse the performance of their sector – taking action where required to mitigate under-performing areas and spot behavioural trends in real time.

Responsive CRM

Support your clients by providing added transparency with LEAP’s Time Triggers. Utilised within your workflow, users can schedule automated emails and SMS alerts to be sent at pre-defined stages of your process, giving your clients complete oversight of their accident case. Furthermore, your clients can influence the process, signing off further action or logging a query via web browser login – reducing lengthy and time-consuming correspondence.

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Where LEAP Low-code Technology Can Help


Keeping ahead of regulations is essential when changes can affect your customers. LEAP can be configured to automate document handling, updating, versioning and distributing updated policies without prompt.


LEAP Low-code software makes it possible to reduce paper chasing and limit the amount of manual communications between agents, adjusters, payments staff and clients. Set triggers and conditions for task allocation quickly and easily.

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Using LEAP, accessing all of your data, documentation, reports and investigations is easier than ever. The platform readily integrates with legacy systems, providing a centralised location for all the essential information your employees need to perform.

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LEAP’s advanced workflow capabilities take the pain out of time-consuming processes, allowing you to define actions that will be automatically tracked and reported. Powerful data insights allow you to identify inefficiencies and continually ensure investigations are solved in a timely manner.

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