Improve the speed and efficiency of your claims management processes.

Claims management can be time-consuming. Without robust processes in place, the admin alone can take up valuable time that could be spent on more productive activity. Depending on outdated systems such as spreadsheets and emails to manage this critical process can significantly increase the margin for error.

With the LEAP Low-code platform, your business can mitigate issues associated with claims management by automating and streamlining key procedures, giving each case more visibility. Data is quickly and reliably accessible – stored in one central location and in a consistent format –  with fully-tracked claims histories available at the click of a button. With LEAP’s range of flexible claims management features, your teams can handle more claims and spend less time on admin.

Benefits of using LEAP within your organisation include:

  • Be responsive to changes and challenges – your process can be easily amended to meet regulatory demands and customer expectations
  • Easily deploy digital apps – intuitive interface makes it easy to design solutions that enhance service delivery
  • Use your data effectively – use LEAP as a central hub to access essential data insights such as root cause analysis

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LEAP: Claims Management Software Features

Seamless Integration

Make time-consuming email trails and paper chasing a thing of the past with the LEAP platform’s comprehensive integration capabilities. Centralise all department activity by having each claim securely stored within the LEAP system. This can then be accessed by the insured, surveyors, brokers and any other third parties with ease.

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Intuitive auditable security

LEAP’s rigorous security measures make sure that each claim record is strictly monitored. Access Rules and Permissions ensure that information is only accessible to those who have been granted it or need the data to complete a specific task. Any updated activity is safely stored within that claim file, making the process fully auditable.

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Improved clarity

With customers expecting increased service from the claims industry, providing a transparent, seamless service has never been more critical. With the LEAP platform, reports, updates and any other supporting material can be uploaded to a claim file that’s made visible to the claimant via login. This means your customer can view the live status of their claim at any time they please – reducing the need for paper-based admin and the delay times associated with this.

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Standardised document management

Enforce claim document consistency and control with the LEAP Document Template Editor. This effective tool – which provides all the common functionality you would expect in a rich text editor – allows users to easily import, create and edit a variety of multi format documents, standardised with company branding and ready to merge with your existing claim data.

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Where LEAP Low-code Technology Can Help

Cost savings

LEAP provides all of the functionality needed to replace outdated legacy systems. Used automated workflows to remove delays from your claims procedures, increase claim volume and enhance your customers’ experience in the process.

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LEAP Low-code software provides powerful data collection and reporting tools as standard, providing the analytic capability to inform your procedural decision-making based on real-time trends, opportunities and risks.

Data centralisation

Using LEAP, historical and real-time data can be integrated in a central hub, providing web-based portal access to employees, administrators and stakeholders – allowing everybody to make more informed decisions during the end-to-end process.

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LEAP supports and integrates with your existing and legacy systems, becoming an essential reference point for the multiple departments and touch-points of the settlement process, automatically unifying your claims reports, correspondences and more.

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