Create loyal customers by enhancing relationship management processes.

Improve products and services, increase retention and boost profits.

Customer relationship management is crucial for any business seeking the loyalty of existing and future clients. Manual back-office processes and outdated legacy systems can create time-consuming administration, causing staff to lose track of essential tasks and follow-ups. In the worst cases, the use of flawed or incomplete data leads to fundamentally poor business strategy and a waste of resources.

With the LEAP Low-code platform, you can create custom solutions at a fraction of the cost of traditional IT development. LEAP can deliver all the functions of traditional CRM software, feeding into and enhancing your existing systems. Whether you need to collate customer intelligence data, automate triggers and communications between key task-owners, or unify essential information in one central location – LEAP makes it possible.

LEAP integrates easily with existing and legacy systems, reducing costs while increasing flexibility and replacing outdated tools where needed.

Using an intuitive interface, your teams could be deploying bespoke solutions within weeks. Start planning your digital transformation by booking your unique demo of LEAP today. We’ll guide every aspect of the deployment to ensure your organisation reaps the benefits of improved coordination, enhanced cooperation, increased profitability and much more.

Benefits of using LEAP within your organisation include:

  • Significantly reduce costs – rely less on disparate and disconnected tools such as spreadsheets and email, with an easy Cloud-based LEAP deployment.
  • Create solutions as needed – empower front-line staff to solve customer pain points and streamline their daily activities.
  • Powerful automation capability – connect data and insights with triggers and workflows, boosting efficiency across the whole process funnel.

Experience LEAP’s capabilities for yourself by ordering a bespoke demo today:

LEAP: Customer Relationship Management Software Features

Responsive client portals

LEAP’s client portals are perfectly suited to ensure a transparent customer experience. Using a restricted access login, your clients can access their own client portal. Within this secure Dropbox-style space, users and third parties can upload reports, automate live status updates, and request any additional action required of the client.

DocuSign integration

Build DocuSign – the market-leading e-signature technology – into your workflow to deliver amazing customer service. The DocuSign process is simple, with your clients receiving an email link guiding them to a document that requires their signature. LEAP is notified once the document is signed, allowing further workflow milestones to be triggered.

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Effective workflow

LEAP’s workflow capabilities ensure the right actions are happening at the right times. From Automated Decision Making utilised when sending emails and SMS messages, to actioning the correct tasks from a triggered DocuSign signature, workflow forms the crux of a seamless end-to-end client experience that is fully reportable.

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Email and SMS capabilities

Using the power of automation, sending timely update emails and SMS messages at pre-defined stages of your process has never been easier. Simply place a trigger within the LEAP Workflow Engine and the email or SMS will automatically be actioned accordingly. All correspondences within the LEAP system are safely stored together meaning they are fully auditable, putting an end to frustrating email trails.

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Where LEAP Low-code Technology Can Help


Use the LEAP Platform to gather information about every aspect of your business. Armed with valuable insight, your organisation is empowered to spot service gaps, identify problems and create responsive, tailor-made solutions.


LEAP is packed with tools designed to drive increased revenues and demonstrate return on investment. This is achieved by making customer-facing activities more effective, reducing procedural inefficiencies, and removing the need for expensive IT development.

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Low-code software can facilitate communication and cooperation across all aspects of the company. Using LEAP, multiple departments will be able to share and access the same information, allocating tasks quickly while effectually discussing leads, issues and solutions.

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Use LEAP as a central records hub, recording details of phone calls, emails, meetings, conversations, quotations and follow-up actions. Now is the time to reduce reliance on paper trails and ineffective tracking, ensuring your entire organisation is on the same page.

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Want to see how your process can be automated and optimised?

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