Revolutionise time-consuming policy management processes.

As technology continues to influence the way that businesses and their customers interact, insurance companies are increasingly seeking to digitally enhance their processes and services. Customer expectations are continually shifting, with companies in the insurance sector updating outdated and ineffective infrastructure and streamlining channels to improve claims cycle times. The LEAP platform equips you to reduce the procedural business costs of time, money and risk.

LEAP Low-code software has been created to deliver better business operations. With an extensive range of in-built modules, LEAP’s advanced functionality includes workflow automation, trigger-based communication and centralised document management, to name a few. Your front-line staff can then be permitted to create bespoke solutions to reduce downtime and increase efficiency – with no coding skills required.

Adopting Low-code software for policy and document management offers your business the chance to reduce paper chasing and utilise automatic tools that will handle the distribution and versioning of updated files. With it, you can improve the electronic collaboration capabilities of your teams, easily protect document confidentiality, create tailored training modules, and much more.

Use the LEAP Low-code platform to modernise outdated processes, revolutionising systems which are inefficient and failing to meet requirements. Our team are on hand to explore how LEAP can deliver your process, better.

Benefits of using LEAP within your organisation include:

  • React to challenges quickly and effectively – reduce your dependence on IT for process delivery.
  • Intuitive visual interface – simple design and deployment of custom solutions.
  • Unify teams and improve collaboration – use one central system to bring your documents, data, staff and clients together.

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LEAP: Policy Management Software Features

Custom workflow

LEAP’s effective workflow capabilities ensure risk is mitigated while process cycle times are reduced. LEAP’s intuitive Workflow Queues ensure all tasks are automatically routed to the correct team upon entering the system. While the intelligent Task Allocation feature will then appoint that specific task to a team member with the best availability to optimise staff productivity.

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Automate renewals

Ensure your customers never have to waste their time calling your company to renew their policy. Using the LEAP platform, you can automate all policy renewals based around your business rules – triggering an email to be sent automatically to the client promptly after this.

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Standardised document management

Never compromise on seamless policy document consistency and control with the LEAP Document Template Editor. This effective tool – which provides all the common functionality you would expect in a rich text editor – allows users to easily import, create and edit a variety of multi format documents, standardised with company branding and ready to merge with your existing policy data.

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Effective internal messaging

Put an end to endless chasing via email between your Underwriters and Agents with the LEAP Instant Messaging tool. This tool will allow cross department teams to communicate directly within the LEAP platform. All threads remain up to date for teams to pick up where the last user left off – providing a secure detailed audit trail.

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Where LEAP Low-code Technology Can Help


There are many potential regulations to keep ahead of. Replacing outdated manual systems using LEAP will help ensure 100% compliance and even reduce organisational risk by keeping policies current with requirements.


How long does it take to implement, test, train, and deploy procedures to meet new compliance mandates?  LEAP can help to build your policy library, automate communications between team members, identify training requirements and more.

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Using LEAP, new apps are quickly configured and easily integrated with legacy systems. LEAP’s modular functionality was designed with cross-compatibility in mind, so you can build solutions to perfectly meet your organisation’s needs.

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By enabling automation and streamlining of your processes, on-boarding procedures and first customer/client experiences are made more efficient in an increasingly crowded and competitive service industry.

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Want to see how your process can be automated and optimised?

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