Make Policy Management Pain Free

Leap for Policy Management will automate and improve your policy management processes.

Leap is Policy Management software that can help you automate and streamline your processes. Increasing efficiency by minimising the time spent chasing documents and people. Powered by the Leap Low-Code platform, your solution will be fully configured to your processes and your business needs.

Why use LEAP for Policy Management?

LEAP utilises low code technology to build a Policy Management system
that works for you and your business.

Fully customised for your process and business

Powered by the Leap Low-Code platform, Leap for Policy Management can be configured, amended and updated to build a solution that perfectly meets your company’s needs.

Keep up to date with regulations

Reduce the risk of non-compliance to any industry regulations by updating you processes within LEAP to stay in line with any regulatory changes.

Manage communications including SMS and email.

Automated and traceable communications between teams or with customers increases transparency and accountability.

Ensure information is ready and at hand

A library of policy information, frequently asked questions and other important documents can all be kept at hand within LEAP. Improving response time to customer queries and helping to identify training needs.

Increase efficiency and customer satisfaction

By automating and streamlining your process you can improve customer on-boarding and their first contact with you. Helping your business to standout in an increasingly competitive market place.

Utilise data with real-time reporting

Powerful data capture and intelligent reporting tools mean you can analyse trends and developments to inform business decisions.

Features designed to build your processes

LEAP for Policy Management includes all the features you need so successfully manage policies, from document management to automatic policy renewal reminders and much more.
1. Custom workflows
Intuitive workflow queues can automatically route tasks to the relevant teams, ensuring they are dealt with in a timely manner.
2. Intelligent task allocation
Optimise your team’s productivity with smart ask allocation, tasks are only appointed to those team members that have the skills and availability.
3. Automated renewals
Set triggers that contact your customers when their renewal is due, sends reminders and auto renews based on your business rules.
4. Standardised document management
With the Leap document template editor, you can import, create and edit a variety of document formats. Ensuring brand consistency and ease of use.
5. Streamlined internal messaging
With the leap instant messaging tool, departments can communicate with each other directly in Leap. Making it easier to pick up where the last person left off and provide a complete audit trail, if necessary.

Calculate pricing

What does it cost?

LEAP’s pricing is based on how much users interact with the system. Why pay the same price for a director that logs in once a month as a policy manager that uses the system every day? User License Activity Credits (ULACs) are purchased in advance and can be topped up as needed.


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