Underwriting Software for the Insurance Industy

Improve performance, customer retention and ROI.

Insurers are increasingly seeking new methods to enhance their claims and policy processes. This is especially true for underwriters, facing a complex set of challenges while participating in ever more essential roles across the insurance enterprise. Change is largely being driven by rising customer expectations, competition and cost pressures, as well as by a steady evolution of roles and responsibilities. Insurers and their customers require an effective response to the common issues around data collection and analysis, regulatory compliance, ineffective systems and expensive software solutions.

The LEAP platform empowers your staff to start building real customer loyalty by revolutionising inefficient processes. Providing extensive functionality exactly as you require. From automated workflows and trigger-based communications to advanced analytics and in-depth reporting – modules can be customised to your exact needs with absolutely no coding required.

Create a centralised hub for vital information, used for client-facing online portals, training resources or as automatically-updating depots for regulatory documentation. With solutions constructed using an intuitive, visual interface, optimising your business processes no longer needs to mean an expensive or risky investment of money and time.

Use LEAP Low-code software to start digitising underwriting processes. Replace outdated systems while enhancing your operations with improvements to efficiency, transparency, data collection and collaboration between all company stakeholders. Book a demo today and we’ll help deploy your custom LEAP solution, allowing you to set the pace of change in your organisation.

LEAP: Underwriting Software Features

Intelligent data capture

Ensure all of your data is structured and available securely in one location. The LEAP Administration Studio empowers underwriters to easily change their policy instance and capture new data.

Powerful decision engine

Effectively improve and automate your risk rating and premium calculations by utilising LEAP’s analytics-driven Decision Engine. This editor enables underwriters to easily manage numerous ratings and underwriting rules at once, with LEAP accessing the data and completing the required financial calculations, removing the need for manual completion.

Succinct operations

When trying to gather information from a number of third parties within the underwriting/broker chain, it can be difficult to find an alternative to the error-prone process of re-keying data from email or phone conversations. LEAP’s web-based ProcessWeb functionality simplifies this system by mitigating the associated delays when gathering key information. All third parties can access ProcessWeb via a unique external account, allowing them to input data, or post updates all in one centralised location.

Benefits of LEAP Low-code Technology


Use LEAP to strengthen critical processes; as an automatically-updating hub for regulatory documents, a communication point for key partners and end customers, or as the data collection and analysis centre which provides the enhanced insights needed to improve sales.

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Maximise the effectiveness of your cross-channel communications and sales funnels by using LEAP to deploy tools and customer-driven solutions. Innovations which demonstrate your trustworthiness to would-be clients will pay dividends.


The LEAP platform is packaged with powerful data collection, reporting and predictive modelling capabilities. It can be deployed by your team to provide automatic notifications of risks or issues with pricing and profitability, bringing data-driven decision-making to the forefront.

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In a competitive industry, every streamlined process gives you a potential advantage. LEAP finally makes it possible to enhance your team’s skills, capabilities and tools – reducing reliance on unintegrated and inefficient legacy systems without any coding experience needed.


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