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Build better processes that are responsive to the future demands of your organisation.

Many public service processes are controlled by outdated legacy systems or manual processes which lack transparency and the capacity make instant, critical changes. The LEAP Low-code platform can digitise and automate back-end processes to transform internal speed and productivity.

LEAP’s user-friendly functionality allows your staff to design apps that replace outdated manual processes, increase your accuracy and speed, all while lowering operational costs – whether your organisation specialises in health, social care, education or business services.

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Compliance Management

Staying compliant with regulatory guidelines is a routine challenge. LEAP will deliver the ability to control your compliance processes by helping to automate workflows, establish record keeping and making sure critical deadlines are met by the right team members.

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Procurement Management

Ensuring procurement systems are fit for purpose can be difficult when relying on complex, manual processes. The LEAP Low-code platform’s powerful data and reporting tool allow you to refine your strategy to ensure cost and time savings.

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Licence Management

With businesses needing new technology and software solutions on a regular basis, license management can become difficult and time-consuming. LEAP allows your team to keep on top of every aspect of your network, reducing downtime and task complexity with a host of integrated tools.

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Significant savings

With LEAP, your processes are configured using a pre-coded group of high quality modules and actions, delivering time and cost savings to your team by eradicating development cost and time investment.

Use the LEAP Project Cost Estimator to see what savings you could make compared to the cost of traditional development.

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Market leading functionality

The LEAP Solutions Team have created an extensive library of modules to suit any organisation’s process requirement, so you can design processes exactly as you need them without compromise. Reporting, document and form handling, workflow management and much more are included as standard.

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Unified approach

Reducing resource management conflicts, LEAP’s easy-to-use functionality and flexibility encourages the involvement of all stakeholders in designing solutions which deliver improved results. Risk-free initiative trials are quick and easy to deploy.

While non-technical staff producing business apps become Citizen Developers, IT Teams are freed for other high-value tasks.

Want to see how your process can be automated and optimised?

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