Manage your licensing efficiently and effectively.

Organisations managing multiple software licences – whether internally or externally – are always looking for ways to reduce task overload, mitigate risk and reduce complexity. The LEAP platform is a powerful toolset used to balance compliance considerations, without restricting business operations.

The LEAP platform was designed with extensive functionality to help organisations maintain control of IT networks, user agreements, access permissions and more.LEAP can be used as part of business operations, enhancing licensing procedures by helping to create automated monitors and communications triggers, enabling stronger links with the business, its customers and stakeholders in the process.

Use the LEAP Low-code platform to reduce the burden of licence management, enabling teams to build and control digital solutions which put your customers’ needs in focus. The risks posed by outdated systems which cause operational stresses can be made a thing of the past with LEAP’s wide range of features.

Benefits of using LEAP within your organisation include:

  • Fast and affordable software development – free up your IT resources
  • Intuitive visual design – build critical apps and systems, no code needed
  • The power of real-time – automate reporting, communication, and more

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LEAP: Licensing Management Software Features

Online application portals

Never spend longer than necessary on admin, utilise effective automation where you can. All licence application data is instantly captured and securely stored in a database ready to be processed within LEAP’s online application portals. You can then create task lists, process applications and more within your workflow, setting specified timescales to guarantee swift correspondence.

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User-centric status tracking

Upgrade your tracking capabilities by utilising LEAP’s web-based applicant portals. Applicants can use these to access “real-time” tracking of their licence progression, and check to see if any extra documentation is required of them to ensure a swift completion. Once a licence has been issued, you can then create licence expiry and renewal alerts, providing your clients with a transparent, fully informed, and first class end-to-end service.

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Automated document management

Put an end to paper-chasing and wet signatures. The LEAP platform comes with an extensive electronic Document Library function, ensuring complete compliance and security when digitally storing and managing your business-critical documentation. In addition, LEAP supports DocuSign electronic signature integration, so you can operate with the organisational efficiency enabled by paperless working.

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Licensing insight and analysis

The LEAP platform is packaged with in-depth reporting and analytics functionality, making it easy to track financial transactions throughout entire licensing processes within your authority. LEAP can then utilise this data to generate comprehensive targeted reports, displayed in visually-driven dashboards or in more traditional formats for in-depth analysis.

Where LEAP Low-code Technology Can Help


The LEAP platform is packed with sophisticated tools, ready to be deployed into your business, including extensive functionality for in-depth analytics, reporting and insights.


LEAP’s extensive capabilities reduce the risks associated with managing multiple internal and external licences. The LEAP platform is designed to act as a single-access hub for all critical communications if needed – from licence applications and documentation to expiry renewal alerts – with in-built automation tools reducing your reliance on laborious collation processes.

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LEAP supports easy integration with the critical legacy systems you aren’t yet ready to replace. In many cases LEAP is used as a key system facilitator that connects an organisation’s many disparate, but essential, procedures together – allowing you to reduce dependence on paper trails and move your services into a digital era of improved efficiency and transparency.

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“Speed is of the essence” everywhere, but especially in licence management, where repetitive tasks and constant monitoring pressures can exhaust staff members. In an industry where a timely response can minimise costly licence downtime, LEAP empowers staff to automate key workflow actions – and their triggers – while making vast time and cost savings in the process.

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