Transform your supply chain. Improve transparency and reduce cost.

Look to the powerful LEAP platform.

A company’s purchasing and procurement capability is fundamental to smooth operations and outdated processes will impact your business performance.

The LEAP Low-code platform supported organisations with a reliance on effective procurement systems and sensitive supply chains bringing together a range of customisable tools in one powerful package.

Organisations have successfully upgraded their operational efficiency using LEAP, transforming underperforming processes with a combination of automation and digitisation – enhancing data tracking, reducing organisational risk, making great cost savings, providing better customer service and accelerating the customer journey.

Build your process within The LEAP Low-code platform to reduce process inefficiencies in your supply chains. With little to no coding skills required, your own team can create a library of critical apps and systems to solve the many daily challenges of procurement.

Benefits of using LEAP within your organisation include:

  • Reduce dependency on IT to build and manage departmental processes
  • Intuitive visual interfaces – create purpose-built solutions with no code
  • Gain flexibility and agility – quickly respond to problems and changes

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LEAP: Procurement Management Software Features

Automated alerts and triggers

Ensure all stages of your procurement and inventory processes are effectively managed using automated alerts and triggers specified at any point in your workflow. Once configured, LEAP will action all changes detailed without the need for human intervention (unless specified) – allowing you to automatically alert suppliers when stock levels are low, speed up purchase order authorisation, and more.

User-centric online supplier portal

By utilising LEAP’s web-based supplier portals you can transform your efficiency and eradicate the risk of lengthy email trails with suppliers. All purchase orders can be raised directly from within each portal in the LEAP Platform. A simple click of a button by your designated member of staff provides the authorised approval needed, triggering any further milestones in your workflow without complication.

Configurable reminders

From acquiring a product through to distribution, procurement supply chains are often complicated to manage due to the number of third parties involved. Safeguard your supply chain from a process blockage by utilising LEAP’s Action Alert System, with simple triggers allowing custom reminders to be sent after a specified amount of time to reduce any delays in essential tasks.

Multiplatform optimisation

The LEAP platform unifies multiple users in one integrated system, improving your team’s external supplier operations, intercommunication and risk mitigation in the process. Easily accessible and highly connective, LEAP is optimised for PC, mobile, tablet and web access via The Cloud.

Where LEAP Low-code Technology Can Help


Procurement systems and supply chains need management at multiple touch points. LEAP provides comprehensive business tools that will boost performance in all areas – collecting data, automating workflows, improving client/stakeholder satisfaction, and informing better procurement strategies by replacing your outdated, manual processes.


How do you ensure that all key players in your procurement system are acting the right way and constantly communicating? LEAP offers the capability to increase collaboration between all major stakeholders and automate vital steps within your workflow, helping to maintain a stable supply with real-time, results-driven updates and communications.


The LEAP platform is designed to integrate easily with existing and legacy systems across multiple digital devices. If needed, the platform can also act as an online access hub for staff and suppliers. Being able to connect vital procurement procedures will reduce the pain of managing lengthy email chains and collating essential data from multiple sources.


When utilised to its full extent – with your business goals central to your strategy – LEAP makes it possible to reduce the number of complex and time-consuming processes causing blockages in your procurement system. Hugely flexible, customisable and powerful, our low-code software empowers staff to champion and deploy initiatives to significantly boost efficiency.

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