7 Signs That Insurance Is A Hot Place To Be

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From insurance for millennials to multi-million accelerator investments: InsurTech is here and it’s an exciting place to be. Here’s our round-up of some of the articles creating heat around the Insurance space. 

  1. The InsurTech start-ups to watch in 2016

Insurance Age’s Jonathan Swift provides a great commentary on the startups we should be paying attention to: from Catdogfish (“a new breed of pet insurance”) to Wrisk and Zugar Znap (“Insurance for the millennial generation.”)

  1. Why the recent hype about insurance tech will be just the beginning

Leveraging data platforms, harnessing real time data and extending the adoption of IoT and wearables: TechCrunch contributors TX Zhuo and Erin Shipley take a deep dive into the opportunities and considerations for entrepreneurs looking to get into the InsurTech space.

  1. InsurTech Futures: Aviva teams with digital accelerator in multi-million pound deal

Part of InsurTech Futures, Sian Barton reports on Aviva’s recent partnership with Founders Factory, a digital accelerator and incubator that aim to develop a whopping 200 tech businesses over five years.

  1. The Emergence of an InsurTech Ecosystem in Asia

Will Asia power the next wave of global insurance innovation? A significantly uninsured and ageing population makes it an attractive prospect, says George Kesselman in this insightful blog.

  1. Q&A with Matt Poll of insurtech firm Neos

Matt Poll was so excited by the possibilities of InsurTech that he left behind his role as MoreThan commercial director to pursue Neos: a startup business focused on developing smarter home insurance propositions using the connected home as an enabler.

6. Why London is the capital of InsurTech

The poster interviews many InsurTech start-ups for Daily Fintech and it shows. Great review of a Aviva-sponsored meet-up, plus a useful summary of the themes that insurance technology start-ups have in common.

7. Arthur J. Gallagher makes leap to digital

We couldn’t resist blowing our own trumpet. We’re delighted that Gallagher chose our LEAP platform to digitise its commercial real estate division. Read how they’ll be benefitting from a solution that they can build and evolve themselves – without involving software developers.

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