CTO: The New Business Transformation Hero

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What is IT’s role in business transformation? How can CTOs negotiate effectively with other business users to harness emerging technology for the best possible outcomes? We take a look at the changing role of the IT Director and the opportunities offered by digitisation.

As the IT Director of a large firm, you’ve more than likely delivered complex IT implementations and undergone countless selection processes for replacement systems.

You’ve overseen many new enhancements, juggle tight budgets with ease and for many years, have been the first port of call for anything system-related.

And then you get a call from the Operations Director. He’d like you to attend a demonstration of a new piece of software. In just a few weeks, he’s sourced, briefed and seen a new application and he wants your blessing to implement it. Moreover, he says that it’s a low-code solution so he won’t need input from your team to bed it in.

What’s your reaction? Concern? Irritation? Or maybe a flash of excitement?

Ops Vs. IT

Traditionally, IT and operations act as disparate entities. The IT manager is responsible for implementing new IT services, while the latter is more involved in using the delivered solutions.

But times are-a-changin’. The quest towards business digitisation has seen enterprise invest heavily in applications which may be dispersed across multiple business units and disciplines. From scheduling and project management tools to complete platforms: the stream of emerging tech has given “The Business” more tools than ever.

And this can cause frustrations on both sides. On one hand, the IT Director must now guide the organisation through another implementation – often at short notice. This is combined with uncertainty about the vendor’s pedigree and the software’s associated impact and risk.

On the other, Ops simply want to get that shiny piece of kit. They want it now, and they’re willing to pay for it.

So what can be done to ensure collaboration rather than conflict?

CTO: The New Name in Business Transformation

At FLOvate, we believe that IT should be the hero. We believe passionately in the power of innovation and empowering IT leaders to rapidly turn ideas into applications that can evolve as their business does.

We designed our new breed of low-code business process management software to allow CTOs to collaborate effectively with the business and to avoid the type of scenario described above.

By harnessing the new breed of low-code software development, CTOs can:

Turn IT into an innovation centre

As the demand for apps increases, you and your team will be under more pressure than ever to deliver. Zero-code development frees you and your software developers from having to painstakingly hand-code every single application so that you can save your skills for the most complex software projects.

Most importantly, it allows you to innovate alongside your peers in Ops, HR, Marketing and Sales and deliver at the pace needed for your business to become market leaders.

Lead the way for digital transformation: Most enterprises have a transformation programme and if your company doesn’t, here’s your chance to lead the way. Use software to streamline services, get new products online and create front facing user experiences that customers will return to again and again.

Make a real difference to CX: Digitising processes isn’t just about creating time savings in the back office. It’s proven to cut process cycle time, reduce process costs and enhance process outcomes – all of which improve the customer experience.
Shape the business: new tech and change the way your business functions -for good. For example, you could…

  • Connect all your disparate HR and payroll legacy systems and replace them with a single, easy to use platform.
  • Build front-facing portals that allow suppliers to interact with your business in real time, creating a digital supply chain that gets you first to the best deals.
  • Deliver real time reports and dashboards to the mobiles and tablets of everyone in the business, allowing them to interact with processes and make decisions in an instant.


Got you thinking? To learn how FLOvate could help you become a process superhero, get in touch.