LEAP for Compliance Directors

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The regulatory world is changing at unprecedented pace and the question of how to promote a robust compliance culture is top priority. This Q&A is designed to help IT, Compliance and Risk Directors understand the capabilities and benefits of the LEAP process management platform. 

What is LEAP exactly?

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A components based software platform that enables firms to quickly create and evolve process improvement initiatives. A tried and tested package that integrates data, improves quality and enables a firm to implement new processes while ensuring controls are implemented and managed effectively. Encompassing enterprise level features including automation, document and records management and digital self-service.

We already have a process management system. Why do I need LEAP?

Because if your system is over 10 years old then it will likely be built on “lines of code” technology.  These systems require computer programmers to change which is costly in time and money.

“Too many firms are stuck with circa 2005 IT systems that are so expensive and cumbersome that they’re no longer even a solution, but an obstruction.”

“With LEAP, boards may easily produce better data for less and become more dynamic – without significant impact on the IT budget.”

Stephen Cooper, Compliance consultant for FLOvate

I’m a Compliance Director. What does IT have to do with me?

In a word: digitisation. The demands of your role change day to day. You must deal with increasingly complex products and trading technologies combined with new markets. Not to mention the pace of new and anticipated regulation. To meet these challenges, you must digitise: the world is moving too fast to stick with code-based systems.

Sean Brownell and Stephen Cooper (L-R) collaborate at FLOvate HQ, Ipswich

How can LEAP move my firm into the digital age?

In the past, digitisation was not necessarily cost effective as ironically it could still involve code writing. As you may have found yourself, even simple changes such as refocusing report data or changing a workflow could involve hours of work. LEAP changes that by providing a configurable environment where processes can be instigated and rolled out without code.

How is LEAP used within Compliance teams?

Just some of the areas we can help you with include:

  • Online portals and interfaces for complex processes e.g. portfolio creation
  • Triage Wizard to classify and manage complex workflows e.g. complaints
  • Simplification / reconciliation of compliance reports
  • On demand data analysis, dashboards and scheduling for clients
  • Automating update calls, meetings and correspondence

Take a look at our complaints handling solution – designed to automate the processes associated with meeting new FCA rules.

Who can use LEAP compliance software?

Everyone. Simply log in to the system, access existing processes and update them in minutes. Got a great idea? Build and evolve processes in days. Be a leader for continuous improvement, not a cost centre.

Why should I trust you?

LEAP compliance solutions are relied on by leading financial institutions in London and the South East. We’ve been in business for nearly 20 years and we partner with leading compliance figures to embed best practices into our software. Learn more about FLOvate and our history.

How much does LEAP cost?

LEAP is available in the cloud on a cost-effective monthly subscription. In many cases, we will build your system for free.

Okay, I’m interested. What next?

Simply visit our online booking form and ask to see a demo of the LEAP platform.  Take 30 minutes of your day and put us to the test. You have nothing to lose.

We look forward to hearing how we can help you overcome your compliance challenges.