The LEAP Low-code platform

A fast, affordable way to digitally transform any organisational process. 

The LEAP Low-code platform is software designed to deliver effective processes quickly, at low cost.

Using the LEAP Platform, you can pull together powerful features and functions to build any business process, without the restrictions and expense of off the shelf solutions or traditional development. The high quality, pre-coded elements are already within the platform and can be configured exactly as you need them, without compromise.

Once a process is built and integrated into your organisation, LEAP offers real-time analytics and the facility to update the software continuously – keeping you in control of critical data and activities.

Explore LEAP’s key features


Capture, store and manage all your data in one secure, central place

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Create and manage your documents with LEAP’s e-filing system

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Automate your process and allocate work intelligently

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Mobile and Web

Access LEAP software from any device, anytime, anywhere

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Simple, streamlined communication with any other application

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Benefit from real-time analytics and stunning interactive dashboards

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Use Email, SMS and Instant Messaging to automate your communication

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Control access to all areas of the LEAP system, internally and externally

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With the LEAP platform you can build powerful business processes in days without writing code.

Designed to be easily configured and adapted to meet exact and ever changing organisational requirements.

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Want to see how your process can be automated and optimised?

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