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The LEAP Low-code Platform

Our working days are made up of myriad processes. From small tasks to large projects and everything in between, there are multiple steps to everything we do. Automating and digitising some of these processes can free up time, increase productivity and save money.

The Low-code Revolution | LEAP Business Process Management Platform
The Low-code Revolution | LEAP Business Process Management Platform
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(in days – not months, or years!)

Utilising a range of powerful, pre-configured building blocks, LEAP can build workflow solutions that fit your processes.

Traditionally if you wanted to digitise and automate your business process you had the option of using an out of the box solution, and hoping you can make it fit, or hiring developers to build a unique system from scratch. An often very time-consuming exercise. Now, with LEAP you have a third choice.

As a low-code platform, LEAP gives you the flexibility and fit of a bespoke solution, with the convenience and speed of an off the shelf solution. At a surprisingly affordable cost. Plus, the nature of a low-code solution means you can adapt and scale your system as your business changes and grows. By utilising a range of powerful, pre-coded building blocks, LEAP can build workflow solutions that fit your processes and your business. Saving you time, money and stress.

Benefits of LEAP, the low-code platform

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By joining together functional building blocks your solution is built in weeks, not months – leaving you with a high-quality solution, at a lower risk and cost.

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An impressive array of functions and features can deliver the outcomes you need, proving you with a solution that is right for your organisation.

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Pay for usage not users. Activity based, rather than user-based licencing means you only pay for what you use. Plus set up costs are kept to a minimum.

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Differing permission levels and enterprise level security measures mean you can be confident your data is protected.

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Just like building blocks, the functional elements can be used to build applications for a wide range of uses.

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Industry standard MS SQL server and MSIIS support for thousands of users, hosted in the cloud using Microsoft Azure or locally on your own servers.

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