Share core data, safely and effectively.

The challenge

Effective control of process inputs is an essential element of process transformation. Defects created during process initiation are often carried through to other parts of the process. At worst this can lead to erroneous decisions and invalid process outcomes. Even if this is avoided the rework required to correct these defects leads to poor process execution and delays in process completion; increasing costs and reducing quality.

LEAP can help

The LEAP Business Process Management platform overcomes these challenges by providing:

  • A single method of data collection
  • Self-service, via an automated login
  • Automated reminders when data should be collected
  • The ability to quickly add/amend new data as required
  • Easy integration of data with existing/new systems

The LEAP difference

With a single core system, participants can engage with the process when it’s convenient, adding and amending data in a centrally configured and controlled environment. You have visibility over who entered the data, and their location, providing a detailed audit trail.

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