Reduce Process Cycle Time

Reduce exceptions, increase process quality and execution

Your challenge

Typically, processes that have not undergone analysis and subsequent transformation contain a high number of process exceptions. And however many cases you manage in your business, there will inevitably be a significant percentage that don’t follow the ‘best-case scenario.’

In fact, research shows that up to 60% of the time spent by back-office teams dealing with business processes is spent on handling exceptions.

When exceptions occur in your process, the following can occur:

  • Time and money is spent investigating exceptions to bring them back on track
  • Senior staff face a higher administrative burden as they spend time fixing exceptions
  • Workflows get delayed – or stop completely – until the issue is addressed.

So, to reduce cost you need to reduce these exceptions. Or put another way, you need to improve quality.

LEAP can help

LEAP BPMS is proven to reduce the number of exceptions and improve the quality of their processes. We do this in a number of ways, including:

  • Managing the task through its lifecycle, using tracking statuses to define their various states
  • Identifying inter-related processes to see how information is passed between teams
  • Analysing key communication between process participants and improving control of inputs
  • Utilising Low-code development methods to ensure that processes can be changed to accommodate exceptions as close to sources as possible
  • Implementing user-friendly dashboards that enable participants to spot problems early

The LEAP difference

By reducing the exceptions, improving quality and optimising the achievement of desired process outcomes, the overall process becomes more effective and efficient.

The transformation and subsequent reduction in exceptions produces a reduction in terms of process variability leading to a reduction in process cycle time and process execution time.

See LEAP BPMS in action: Book your FREE business analysis today. 

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