Create and manage your Communications to ensure the right information is received

LEAP’s communications function ensures that the right person receives the correct info when they need it. You can ensure you maintain complete business branding standardisation with items being pre-populated with the right information. Trigger email, SMS and even phone logging.

Document Template Editor

Using standardised document templates within LEAP users can easily create and edit documentation. The Document Template editor provides the ability to create and maintain templates which can be merged with data in the system to create outgoing correspondence. The editor provides all common functionality that users have come to expect in a rich text editor in a way that they will be familiar with and also supports Microsoft Word.

Communication documents template editor

Chat within process records: Instant Messaging 

In the style made popular by WhatsApp and Skype, users working within records can now collaborate with other team members to quickly communicate the status of specific projects. Messages are grouped by user and date, providing contextual information at a glance. In addition, you can also view the record status for each message in the conversation, going one step further than these applications. For example in a QA environment, you would be able to associate each message with a stage of the testing cycle.

Threads remain up-to-date in LEAP, allowing teams to quickly pick up where the last user left off and providing a secure and detailed audit trail. Administrators decide which groups exist and the ways that they can chat to each other, related to the role each plays within the process. A non-intrusive alert ensures you know each time the conversation is updated, ensuring maximum collaboration and productivity. Discover more about Conversations.

Email Facilities

The email facility within LEAP means e-mails can be automatically created and sent by the application. Through the document template dashboard, emails can be created to send to customers. Using LEAP emails can be set to send automatically at pre-defined stages of your business process or when certain events occur. Each customer record acts as an inbox so customers and suppliers can reply directly to the record.

Send an SMS

Within LEAP there is an SMS functionality that can be built-in to every process based on your requirements. SMS functionality allows you to send a quick, personalised message to your customers or suppliers. For example, to remind them of an important event or confirm that you have received their details. With the LEAP workflow engine, SMS messages can be sent automatically at pre-defined stages of your process or when certain events occur.

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