Documents | An Integral Part of Your Workflow

Store, maintain and track all critical documents to ensure transparency and accuracy.

Ensure your documents are secure and fully integrated in the LEAP electronic document management feature. You can apply and fully manage all documents via scanning & indexing plus DocuSign integration.

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Multi Format Document Templates with Merged Data

Import templates from Word or create your own within the LEAP Document Template editor using all the familiar controls such as text formatting, images, layout and headers & footers.

Simply click to add your data merge fields directly into the document. LEAP will then take care of merging and attaching your documents in your preferred format such as DOCX and PDF.


Index, Manage, Search and Filter your Documents

Maintain a full electronic library of Documents, allowing you to find exactly what you’re looking for at any time.

Index documents against each record using logical folder structures and simple drag-and-drop.

Quickly see which user attached a document and when and track who’s read it.


Integrate Documents into Your Workflow

Set up a list of ‘expected’ documents and tell LEAP what to do when one is attached, deleted or replaced.

Track missing documents and automatically fire reminders to staff and customers.


Version Control Your Document Template Library

LEAP makes it simple to maintain and track document revisions. Version-control your entire Template library and easily view and roll back to older versions.


Built In Scanning, Indexing and Annotating

Scan from your network or local devices directly into LEAP and then quickly index the documents to the appropriate records.

Use Flatbed or ADF scanners and LEAP can intelligently recognise where one document ends and another begins.

Built in annotation features allow you to mark up the scanned document before it’s saved.


DocuSign Integration

Integrate e-signatures and fully digital approvals into your workflow.

LEAP now offers seamless connectivity with DocuSign technology, putting an end to paper chasing and wet signatures.

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