Integration | Linking your critical systems

An Important Cog In Your Business Machine

The LEAP platform can enable your existing systems to listen to and exchange information with any other critical system already in place. So, if you need your new process to engage with an incumbent data system – that’s no problem. Our team of experts can either use existing APIs or deploy a specialist integration task if necessary.

The Messaging Server

LEAP integrates with all other software through our Messaging Server. This fundamentally acts as a distribution centre receiving data from one system and directing it onto another whilst encompassing all the best practice of systems integration. Communications between LEAP and external systems happens automatically in the background without any need for user input and often no development.

LEAP Messaging Server diagram

Getting the look right

In order to ensure that LEAP fits seamlessly into your business it can be branded to meet your corporate colours and imagery. As you would expect, this can all be done via configuration without the need to get developers involved. It’s even possible to dynamically alter the branding depending on who is viewing LEAP, ensuring your suppliers and customers can be uniquely catered for.

Branding examples illustration

Integrating LEAP Into Your Organisation

The process of deploying LEAP between testing, UAT and live environments has also been simplified. Administrators are able to export the entire configuration structure and import it into the appropriate place without the need to involve database administrators. This process can also be used to share processes between departments.

Import Export icons
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